Garden chairs see life in color

Garden chairs see life in color

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Easy to change the look of the garden, terrace or balcony with colorful chairs! By themselves, they enliven the dining area with a nice little good-looking effect, the proof in pictures…


Ikea ### Two imposing pink chairs were enough to give a delicious feminine and girly mood to the balcony. The tone is set.

Multiple colors

Paragraph ### Mismatched look for these garden chairs whose first two colors of the red, green and gray trio are to brighten up the exterior…

To curl up

Ikéa ### In the garden, two curved, oddly enveloping and light seats seem to blend into the surrounding greenery.

Folding and tangy

Fly ### The blue and green color of these folding chairs is so pretty that once stored on the terrace walls, the seats, accompanied by 3 pink, red and orange side tables, continue to decorate.

Purple, yellow, green

Castorama ### Nothing like colorful chairs to boost a gray outdoor table. Here, their mauve, yellow or green hue invites us to take a seat in a good mood!

Grass green

Ikea ### The choice of a green chair, green as greenery, around the small white table on the balcony, gives it a new breath full of freshness. Make way for good humor!

Long live the green!

Paragraph ### The color of spring adorned the backs and seats of the chairs on the terrace. A dapper green that accentuates the natural mood of lunches in the sun.

Dark green and bright red

Truffaut ### Successful marriage between dark green and bright red chairs which brings cheerfulness to this high dining area.

Red and green duo

Paragraph ### "Red and black" has been changed to "red and green". It is at least the common thread of this terrace with little tamed decor, of which only the seats bring a little pep.


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