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10 ice cream makers of choice for this summer

10 ice cream makers of choice for this summer

That's it, the sun is (finally) coming out! To be able to easily taste custom ice creams, what could be better than tasty homemade frozen desserts? Thanks to a small device, you can prepare ice creams, fruit sorbets or custom frozen yogurts that will delight the whole family. Here is our selection of ice cream makers that may well melt you.

Italian ice cream

Eismaxx You are not very sorbets, but rather ice creams? This ice cream maker allows you to make tasty Italian ice creams with vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Something to delight (and refresh) young and old!

A robot ice cream maker

Krups Nothing beats a good house ice cream to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon. To concoct custom desserts for the whole family, this two-in-one device is capable of creating ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts in twenty minutes, watch in hand.

Make your frozen yogurts yourself

Duronic Beyond traditional ice creams, this Duronic ice cream maker can also make frozen yogurts, which you will tell us about! Just put the bowl (detachable) in the freezer eight hours before pouring the ingredients into the device. Price: 135 euros.

A multifunction machine

Philips Having trouble choosing between several summer desserts? Thanks to the Cucina ice cream maker, you can serve your guests ice cream, sorbets, Italian ice cream and even frozen yogurt using one or two bins. All you have to do is select the perfumes you prefer.

To keep your ice cream cool

Magimix In hot weather, it can be difficult not to melt your ice cream balls before you have finished serving all your guests. To keep your ice cream away from high temperatures, this ice cream maker has a cold accumulator. The little extra? The 30 recipe book included.

Mix its fruits and dried fruits

Simeo The Mix'n Twist ice cream machine can create gourmet desserts worthy of professional ice cream makers by mixing frozen fruit but also dried fruit (nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), cookies like speculos or candies. Price: 59.99 euros.

A tangy ice cream maker

Bestron The ice cream machine is also a decoration among your household appliances. This ice cream maker makes it easy to create delicious, consistent ice creams (one liter) while finding its place in the kitchen thanks to its pretty water green color. Price: 45 euros.

A competition ice cream maker

Magimix This device is worthy of professional equipment because it works using an ice cream maker. Small and practical thanks to its handle, it can be stored very easily in a kitchen cupboard to become again the star of the season in summer.

An intuitive device

Lagrange Light and compact, the Lagrange ice cream maker is easy to use because it has a digital screen that displays the remaining preparation time. It is available in green but also in a purple or pink color. We love the ice cream scoop delivered with the machine.