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The dining room sings of spring in 10 lessons

The dining room sings of spring in 10 lessons

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He was made to wait but he is there, ready to interfere in the house. Yes, until the arrival of summer, spring brings with it multiple colors, a zest of greenery and a handful of floral patterns! Even the dining room is entitled to its little metamorphosis so that meals are as cheerful as light. Here are 10 dining rooms with a spring atmosphere…

Grass imitation

Goal ### Creating a semblance of a garden in the dining room is easy with a green carpet mimicking the lawn. One thus has the impression of dining with one's feet on the lawn…


Fly ### Exit the sad and monotonous hues, spring comes with bright and tart colors that give a good glow to the dining area! So do not hesitate to adopt some turquoise blue or flashy pink chairs!

Unlimited natural green

Goal ### Since green is the color of spring, we don't hesitate to use it on chairs and lights, echoing Mother Nature.


Maisons du Monde ### If spring had to be summed up in one word, we could choose "flower". It is therefore more than ever the time to sublimate the dining room table with romantic floral arrangements…

Primary colors

Fly ### One of the trends for this spring is that of primary colors. In a very white dining room, blue, red and yellow chairs wake up the atmosphere with pep and good humor. Pretty artist palette, pretty spring palette!

Green plants

Ikea ### Behind the dining table, on the windowsill, a series of green plants brings in a note of greenery, ideal for feeling spring at mealtime.

Tangerine Tango

Fly ### The color of the year is "tangerine tango", a bright orange that has been difficult to appropriate until now. The arrival of sunny days changes the game, and the "color of the year" becomes the "color of spring". See how two chairs adorned with this flashy shade brighten the table…

In bloom

Habitat ### Facing the dining table: a wall covered with floral wallpaper retro version. The room takes on a spring air.

Sea side

Maisons du Monde ### If the seaside atmospheres are not reserved in the spring, this season nonetheless announces the approach of the long holidays, and the desire to escape. So why not let ocean inspiration decorate the dining room?


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