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The new Ikea PS 2012 collection: preview in pictures

The new Ikea PS 2012 collection: preview in pictures

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Since the most international brand in furniture and decoration has celebrated its 30th birthday in France, we have been impatiently awaiting the seventh edition of its "PS" collection. For all Ikea enthusiasts that we are, here is a small overview of this brand new range, fully inspired by references from the past, reinvented: eco-friendly materials, primary colors, retro inspiration and clever ideas in droves…

Draped effect for the TV cabinet

Ikéa ### Do you remember the old furniture, draped with small curtains? They are the ones who inspired the design of this TV stand, whose doors mimic the ripples and folds of old textiles. Original and offbeat!

A foldable wall light

Ikéa ### After the fixed wall lights, place the wall lights… unfoldable! Their flat silhouette folds completely against the wall without taking up space or unfolds lengthwise in the room to add a light source where it is really needed. Ingenious.

A very smart wall coat rack

Ikéa ### In the entrance, the coat racks made of wall hooks have been revisited to adapt even more to our needs. The idea? To be able to move the coat hooks on vertical wooden boards up or down. Pretty clever! The little extra? Two storage compartments for storing keys or mail.

A modular chandelier at will

Ikéa ### The love for candlesticks and subdued atmospheres has given birth to a whole new concept: modular candlesticks which can be assembled and juxtaposed as desired to compose spectacular and original models.

Crockery full of fantasy

Ikea ### The fantasy wins the dishes, nicely stained with small black ovals on a white background and vice versa. A little "Dalmatian" effect that we already love.

A tall plant holder

Ikéa ### The plants take height so as not to go unnoticed. Here they settle on this structure with clean curves welcoming up to three pots of greenery or aromatic herbs. A novelty that will not leave indifferent lovers of nature.

A "tutu" floor lamp

Ikéa ### With its oversized tulle lampshade, this resolutely feminine floor lamp evokes the graceful allure of star dancers ...

Stackable chairs

Ikéa ### Stackable like stools, these white, yellow, black or blue chairs with retro design multiply the seats in the blink of an eye in the living room or in the kitchen, while occupying the place once rows.

Very practical nesting tables

Ikéa ### Like Russian dolls, these nesting tables fit together, and are used in the living room, in the bedroom: aperitif break with friends, bedside table…


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