10 inspirations to bring spring into the house

10 inspirations to bring spring into the house

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In spring, everything is not played in the garden because you can bring this beautiful season into your interior thanks to the decoration! On the program: bright colors and touches of nature to brighten up the house. Discover 10 inspirations to enjoy spring in your home.

Touches of bright colors

Maisons du monde If your decoration is fairly neutral, spring will be an opportunity to enhance the decor with very colorful touches. Here, red and pink appear on the white bed linen and a few flowers make a nice reminder on the bedside table.

A natural cuisine

Alinéa In spring, our menus change and we adopt more fruits and vegetables and for the look of the kitchen, it's the same! We go into nature mode with a nice green wall to give a very vegetal atmosphere. With white and wooden furniture, the alliance is perfect!

A dynamic decor

Conforama In your living room, play with color too! You can add colorful cushions to the sofa, paint a strip of bright color on your wall. For the aperitif, a layer of color is tightened with pink, green and yellow glasses.

A natural meal

Alinéa If you want to add a natural touch to your lunches, simply bet on a few green accessories that will remind you of the nature that awakens. You will find both table linen and dishes to create a beautiful atmosphere.

A warm atmosphere

La Redoute To spend a pleasant spring in your interior, you can play with natural colors such as white, beige and green. The atmosphere will be natural and quite Zen while being very comfortable and warm.

A beautiful light in the house

Cocobohème Let natural light into your interior! But to protect yourself from prying eyes, choose a protective film to put on the windows. The most decorative: small flowers that make this sticker very decorative!

A natural room

La Redoute In the bedroom, play the card of a decoration that soothes the senses thanks to nature. Then bet on an atmosphere in shades of green to feel like outside.

A colorful sofa

La Redoute To set the tone in your living room, you can opt for a very colorful sofa in a contemporary decoration. For example, this green sofa does not fail to highlight the rest of the black decoration. And if you don't want to change the sofa, think of the blankets to cover it!

The house as a garden

Home Collection Thanks to digital printing, nature can really take place in your interior. So why not swap your traditional curtains for Japanese panels on which roses bloom. The result is very original!