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Glasses for all occasions

Glasses for all occasions

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Around a good dinner, during an aperitif or a brunch, the glasses are out for all occasions. On foot or flat, colored or transparent, in glass or crystal, you play with the glasses to highlight your table decoration. When tableware and glasses decorate large and small occasions.

The diverted glasses

Duralex Made famous in many canteens for children, they have the advantage when they break not to cut. We also remember the game after reading his "age" at the bottom of it. We find the classic glass from Duralex in a glass for dessert. Object diversion as a new mode.

The relief glasses

Ikéa Just as elegant as stemware, relief glasses, give a contemporary look to any table decoration. They are found in a version for water, but also wine or stronger spirits. To be mixed with a table with classic decoration, for enhanced contrasts.

Striped glasses

Ikéa For everyday lunches, with family or friends, we choose a quirky but easy to use service. Flat glasses, with stripes or dots. It gives an original touch to meals, throughout the year.

Colored glasses

LSA To go out on special occasions or for a simple dinner with friends, we play with a color code throughout the meal: tablecloth, napkins, flowers ... We can even go a little further and offer dishes in shades: salmon with a pink atmosphere, vegetables for a table in shades of green or grapes and blueberries with blue glasses…

Opaque glasses

LSA They give a very contemporary touch to a table if they are combined with suitable decoration. We play the minimalist card with a classic but effective color code: black and white from start to finish.

XXL glasses

LSA To be used as a vase, carafe or decoration, these glasses are placed in giant format on the tables as decoration or centerpiece. They will amuse your guests by their shapes or their volumes, as well as by the use you will make of them to create your atmosphere.

Champagne glasses

LSA Pretty flutes highlight any occasion: family celebration, wedding, diploma ... We take them out regularly to transform your daily life into a celebration and enjoy life to the full!

Glasses in a luxurious version

LSA Gold adds an elegant and festive touch to these glasses from the latest LSA collection for an aperitif with friends or family. Cups, flutes, flat glasses… all have put on their most beautiful designs to celebrate the big news!

Disposable glasses

Maison du monde For a picnic or a child's snack, we take out a few disposable cups. But to keep an original table decoration, we do not choose simple white plastic glasses, but rather cardboard cups that we choose according to the theme.