A Christmas decor in paper, to make a card!

A Christmas decor in paper, to make a card!

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Opting for a Christmas decoration made of paper yourself is still the best way to perfect your interior with a festive air while having fun. Paper, economical and easy to use lends itself to the most beautiful DIY creations. Crepe paper, kraft paper, tissue paper, newsprint or music paper… Régine had told us well: "let the little papers speak!" ... All to your folding for a Christmas decor made of tearing paper!

A paper Christmas wreath

Sugar Rose

Poetic, light and airy, this paper Christmas garland made with recovered office shirts, an old dictionary and sheet music, has the delicacy of a snowflake. Proof in pictures that very little is enough to tint the wonderful Christmas decor! Source: Rose Sucre

Paper Christmas trees

Dont mess with the rabbit

With scissors, paper, skewers, a little glue (and a lot of imagination), the king of the forest goes green. Placed on the table, above the fireplace or in a candy box surrounded by artificial snow, these paper Christmas trees enhance the decor with an irresistible handmade touch. Source: Dont mess with the rabbit

A paper wall Christmas tree

Gee's notebooks

Made of paper in the colors of Santa Claus, this beautifully graphic wall tree will save you from cleaning the thorns of the king of the forest. Perfect for saving space at home when you are in need of square meters… or for keeping children busy while waiting for Santa to arrive. Source: Gee's notebooks

Paper feathers


To end Christmas balls like Monsieur-Tout-le-Monde, follow this tutorial spotted at DaWanda. Ingredients: paper, scissors, string a little glue. Preparation: trace the strips, cut them, perforate them, thread the string, tie and finally deploy like a fan. Placed on the tree, the paper feather decorations are of the most beautiful effect. Source: Cultura

Christmas hearts in old paper to hang

Renna Deluxe on DaWanda

We love these Christmas hearts to hang made with old 1920 paper. Poetic at will, they transcend the codes of traditional Christmas decor by bringing a nice touch of charm & vintage to your interior.

Paper Christmas hanging lights

EvainBerlin on Da Wanda

To make these creations identified on Dawanda, you will need: printed paper (on both sides), scissors, glue, a nice helping hand and fingering. The fresh, original and airy finish gives you so many good reasons to put your traditional Christmas balls in the closet!

A paper snowflake

Jessica Djaafar

With a few sheets of A4 paper, a little time, heart and talent, you can invite the magic of Christmas to your home. Hanging on the tree or hanging on the window, this paper snowflake instantly warms the decor. Yes, snow is hot! Source: Dolly Jessy

Paper christmas labels

kb-creations on A little market

These Christmas labels made of ecru lace effect paper personalize your gifts with charm and delicacy. All you have to do is find a gift more beautiful than the packaging… The bar is high: good luck!

Paper christmas wreath

Arthur-et-Lucien on A little market

This paper Christmas wreath is made up of dozens of overlapping leaves. Pastel shades, eclectic patterns and sweet notes offer a nice alternative to traditional Christmas wreaths. These are all reasons to adopt it!


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