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A clear bathroom: instructions for use

A clear bathroom: instructions for use

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** A bathroom or powder room is a room that must breathe freshness, cleanliness and well-being. In other words, a bathroom should be clear. To lighten your water features, you can have them redone or work on the decoration. And to support you in your work, we suggest that you discover a selection of bathrooms and thus better understand the instructions for having a clean bathroom. Good discovery !**

A mineral touch

Bathroom inspiration A clear decor can be natural. Also do not hesitate to bring a mineral touch to the walls, the equipment or the decor. Always favor materials with light colors.

Wood? Why not

Aubade Wood has its place in a bright bathroom. Indeed, natural wood goes perfectly with white, off-white and beige. These colors even enhance the wood while bringing a little modernity.

Selected colors

Netovia A bright bathroom does not close the door on color. But the latter must be well chosen and always married to the sobriety of white.

A studied decoration

Mires Paris The bathroom can be refined or decorated. The decorative elements must then be clear or let the light travel.

Vegetable freshness

Saint Maclou A bathroom can be clear and natural. The combination of plants, wood and white provides pleasant light and a space that breathes well-being.

Wood and white

Decoration ideas The combination of wood and white color is as trendy as it is warm. Here is a bathroom that perfectly illustrates this decorative choice.


Mires Paris A clear bathroom is above all a room where the decoration is balanced. Prefer clear materials but do not hesitate to put a darker mirror which will be naturally highlighted.

Adapted furniture

Bathroom Furniture If your bathroom is lacking in light, choose open furniture that will let in natural light such as artificial light.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Women's Journal To diffuse the light, use the mirror! If it is well placed, depending on the windows and lights, it can also brighten your bathroom or powder room.


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