Sézane launches its lifestyle line

Sézane launches its lifestyle line

Sézane, the small fashion brand that is rising, is once again being emulated by launching its lifestyle line. Posters, cushions, small notebooks, candles or jewelry boxes will bring a touch of sweetness to your interior. Presentation in pictures of this cute collection!

Softness and know-how on the cushions

Sézane We were delighted to discover the pretty brand Chhatwal & Jonsson which very gracefully mixes the origins of its two creators: Indian craftsmanship and the softness of the Scandinavian style on cushion covers. 60 euros

Silkscreen cups

Sézane To send from breakfast, let yourself be tempted by these two elegant Limoges porcelain mugs with "Madame" or "Monsieur" screen-printed. Designed by designer Alix D. Reynis, they sprinkle the decor with delicacy! 30 euros one

A golden jewelry box

Sézane Since the windows are popular, we dare the small jewelry boxes that look like them composed of several compartments to organize everything. This model signed Hübsch, will delight lovers of accessories and decoration! 45 euros

A cute kraft notebook

Sézane Sézane has thought of our needs for small notebooks to register our "To-do lists", sketches, shopping lists or ideas, and offers us this little kraft notebook with pretty red binding. 12 euros

Wood and glass

Sézane Softly, this glass jar mounted on a wooden base will easily find its place in a living room as in a kitchen. A beautiful creation also imagined by Hübsch! 60 euros

A porcelain candle

Sézane Difficult not to crack in front of this small Limoges porcelain candle imagined by Alix D. Reynis! Living room, bedroom, entrance, we think above all to highlight it! 45 euros

Butter, lemonade?

Sézane After the cup of hot chocolate, it was the glass of lemonade and the jar of butter that won us over in the posters created by Sophie Glasser! 45 euros

A vase signed Hübsch

Sézane The pretty Lynch glass bottle, designed by the small Danish brand Hübsch, can be used as a small storage jar as a vase to slide your fresh flowers. 30 euros

Candles in trio

Sézane Since we never tire of candles, we suggest you buy them in pairs! With their pretty graphic prints, those offered by Sézane perfume our interior with a sweet scent of clean linen. 20 euros