Decorate your child's bedroom for Christmas

Decorate your child's bedroom for Christmas

Why limit the Christmas decor at the entrance and the living room? Children love the end of year celebrations and are impatient until D-Day. So to help them wait and make them dream, why not decorate their room with them, when they start the calendar advent? You can buy and / or make a pretty decoration that will immerse children in the magical Christmas atmosphere!

The bed turns to Christmas colors

H&M If your child already has stuffed animals from the forest, you can place them on the bed. H&M offers these pretty animal cushions at low prices. You can also add a small plaid or a duvet cover in Christmas colors on the bed. You can also hang a sock on the corner of the bed, your child will be delighted to discover the treasures it hides on Christmas day…

Fairy windows / Ikea Your children will be delighted to decorate the windows with chalk markers, snow paint, white skates or with paper stencils. You can stay sober with an immaculate white or choose to put the color, but it is the children who will surely have the last word!

A nice advent calendar

Zü This advent calendar to print and assemble is a small work of art. It decorates your child's bedroom while hiding surprises and treats, to be discovered every day from December 1st. Arranged on a shelf or a storage unit, it will be necessary to ensure that your elf does not open all the houses on the same day!

A wall decoration with masking tape

Knot magazine / You don't want to break through walls to hang wall decor? The masking tape is for you! You can make snowflakes, a reindeer head, a tree, stars, with the colors of your child's room. Small decoration for maximum effect!

A starry night

Art for Kids The phosphorescent stickers to stick on the wall or on the ceiling, will make each night more magical until Christmas day. Your child will fall asleep every night counting not the sheep, but the stars!

Small figurines to ask

Ikea Leprechaun, horse, bear, reindeer, you can have small decorations and figurines at the edge of the window, on the bedside table, the desk or the chest of drawers, in your child's room.

A 2D tree in the room

Ikea / / The tree can also be invited in your child's room, but in 2D with masking tape, a led garland or drawn in chalk on a slate wall!

A Christmas wreath to hang from the ceiling

Ikea To make yourself or to buy, the garland made of small wooden decorations and Christmas balls can be suspended from the ceiling.

A deer trophy / To buy or to make, the wall trophy is on the rise in the child's bedroom. Deer or bear head, you can make it out of wood, paper, cardboard, papier mache or even with a plush that you will be ready to sacrifice!