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11 Christmas DIY to decorate in the office!

11 Christmas DIY to decorate in the office!

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Even if Christmas is above all a family celebration, we should not neglect to share our moments of bliss with colleagues. Without competing with the workshop of Santa Claus, it is quite possible to decorate your professional premises history to give a little air of celebration. And with DIY finds unearthed on the net, you no longer need to request a budget request for decorations!

To make a box

Instructables No need to get a tree for the office, you will find some empty boxes to build it. No thorns to collect and fewer boxes to descend! Source: Instructables

Air Garland

Living Locurto The offices are always full of hidden treasures like multicolored balloons left from the last jar. We then paint a few goblets in green and here is a Christmas wreath! Source: Living Locurto

I would like a snowman

Mid-Century Modern Remodel Speaking of goblets, don't put them away right away as they can be used to build the most original snowman since Olaf (and it won't melt)! Source: Mid-Century Modern Remodel

Make a box (twice)

Varpunen After you have made your Christmas tree out of cardboard, you can still use the last remaining packaging to make real fake gifts because a tree without presents at its foot is not a real tree.


Clipgoo In good year-end resolutions, you can tidy up your desk and sort through your papers but do not throw them away, they can make a pretty Christmas wreath to hang on the office door.

Folding workshop

Five Go Blogging Another alternative for using your rough papers: the origami star which will be used to decorate your Christmas tree. Source: Five Go Blogging

Printer my friend

The Graphics Fairy The desktop printer is the super easy option when you want to decorate: some free printables to glean here and there and voila! Source: The Graphics Fairy

A golden desk

View From the Fridge Want to add a festive touch to your workspace? Here is an organizer who sets the tone and who will dazzle all your colleagues. Source: View From the Fridge

My Christmas Tree

The Imagination Spot For those who like to be surrounded by sticky notes, here is something to turn their professional dashboard into a Christmas tree. Source: The Imagination Spot

Wrapped pole

Mid-century Modern Remodel Open space posts are sad all year round but with ribbons they can transform Source: Mid-century Modern Remodel


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