Before / After: Arrange the "front" of the house by installing an electric gate

Before / After: Arrange the "front" of the house by installing an electric gate

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On this charming suburban plot, the owners wanted to completely rethink access to their residence. The SIB company, specialized in aluminum exterior fittings, supplied the products to the Wilco brand to transform this dilapidated and abandoned house entrance into a strategic, accessible and modern point. Result? The corner of the sidewalk that separated the house from the street has become a better defined and perfectly secure separation space thanks to fences and an electric gate. Here are the stages of the work. ** Area: ** 35m² ** Budget: ** 13,000 € TTC

Have a modern and accessible entrance

Wilco ** After: ** The Wilco company therefore completely transformed the entrance to the residence by erecting a motorized aluminum gate, wanted by the owners for its functional aspect on a daily basis, and by installing walls and fences which allow '' be cut on the street side and better protected from the opposite.

A space overgrown with climbing plants

Wilco ** Before: ** The old garden had been abandoned and was not maintained. As a result, the front of the house was overgrown with vegetation made up of tenacious climbing plants. It was therefore necessary to remove all these plants, which was not an easy task, especially because of the roots that are difficult to remove to prepare the masonry.

A more welcoming entrance

Wilco ** After: ** Beyond the fact that this new partition between the garden and the street is much more secure, the aesthetic aspect should not be overlooked. The gate and the gray fences are very harmonious with the beige stone walls, which allows to lighten the structure. In addition, by guessing the tops of certain trees and shrubs, one has all the more desire to enter this garden. Passers-by also have a much better impression as they pass the building.

A narrow and poorly appointed space

Wilco ** Before: ** Without separation between the exterior space of the house and the street, the owners faced the cars directly and had no perspective to enjoy their garden. Furthermore, accessibility for a stroller, a shopping trolley or a disabled person was not optimized. It was therefore necessary to create a concrete threshold and a descent to facilitate access to the rolling devices.

Create an accessible platform

Wilco ** After: ** The new front of the house is much easier to access since the small descent facilitates circulation in addition to delimiting the space. To save time in the works but also to reduce the budget a little, the workers kept the small concrete curbs already existing in order to reassemble the masonry walls.

Erect low walls

Wilco ** After: ** To frame the future electric gate and keep a more rural and modern spirit, Wilco installed stone walls in a fairly clear tone which blends very well with the landscape. This gives a charm to the front of the house.

Protect green plants

Wilco ** After: ** These low walls also help protect new vegetation and prevent it from overflowing on the sidewalk. Thus, the owners can enjoy their green space without sharing it with the entire neighborhood!

Install a motorized gate

Wilco ** After: ** one of the last stages of the site was obviously the installation of the motorized sliding gate and fences. Whether to park a vehicle in the yard, to go home or to unload shopping, this model is ideal because it does not waste space. Openwork fences are a good compromise for closing the garden without partitioning it.

Technical difficulties

Wilco ** After: ** Another difficulty in carrying out this project lay in the routing of electrical power from the house for the automation of the motorized gate. But once everything is finished, the result is there: the entrance is protected and beautifully highlighted.