Before / After: Dress up a discount in a living room with a "chic chalet" feel

Before / After: Dress up a discount in a living room with a "chic chalet" feel

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The architectural firm Chalet Design, based in Taninges, and the architect Carole Declercq have truly transformed the old shed of a chalet located in the town of Samoëns in Haute-Savoie. The goal ? Make it a habitable annex to accommodate friends or guests. The storage room has therefore been transformed into a large living room, spacious and warm, in a very contemporary chic chalet spirit. Here are the steps, step by step, of this metamorphosis. ** Area: ** 100m² ** Budget: ** € 201,800 including VAT for the complete renovation of the shed

Transform a hangar into a living room

Chalet Design ** After: ** The annex has therefore been restored and transformed into a small dwelling house of 62 square meters and a garage of 42 square meters so that the people living there can be completely independent from -vis the main residence. The main difficulty of the site lay in the fact that it was necessary to renovate an old building with an agricultural vocation without losing its heritage aesthetic but by modernizing it to make it more contemporary.

Keep the chalet spirit

Chalet Design ** After: ** The cladding was brushed and cleaned had to be reused so that the building remains in its juice and retains its old wood color typical of assembly chalets. A balcony and then a terrace were created and numerous openings were drilled in order to bring more natural light inside the house. For example, a large vertical anthracite-colored aluminum canopy was installed on the south facade while a bay window provides access to the garden.

Create a residence on two floors

Chalet Design ** Before: ** The interior of the old shed has been completely renovated so that it can include a living room and kitchen on the ground floor but also a bedroom, a bathroom and a dormitory mezzanine upstairs. All the space is thus used to become a real friendly place to live.

A kitchen open to the living room

Chalet Design ** After: ** In the main room, there is a very modern kitchen with lots of storage space and a wooden worktop. The turquoise blue splashback gives a more modern look to the whole. The dining room is located right next to the open kitchen. To keep a chalet spirit, a wooden table and benches serve as a dining area to share a raclette or a fondue with the family!

A cozy and friendly lounge

Chalet Design ** After: ** The lounge area has been designed in a chic chalet style. There are raw materials such as glass, plaster, and natural stone behind the fireplace, which enhance the timber. The juxtaposition of rustic materials and more contemporary materials (such as the TV cabinet or the white coffee table) enhance the exposed beams and posts to enhance the structure of the building. The central stove allows you to find yourself in a comfortable living room to chat, read a book or watch TV.

Rethinking space as a place to live

Chalet Design ** Before: ** Upstairs in the shed, there was absolutely nothing to accommodate guests to sleep. It was therefore necessary to start from scratch without distorting the structure of the hangar and keeping its chalet style.

Installing a workshop canopy

Chalet Design ** After: ** The architect had the good idea to give a workshop style to this annex residence, which allows to combine chalet style and more modern look. A glass roof follows the slope of the roof and is hidden behind what are called skylights, namely perforated planks. To bring even more light, spots were placed in the frame to enhance the structure.

A powder room under the eaves

Design Chalet ** After: ** In the powder room located under the eaves, the exposed beams give a crazy charm to the room. Here, artificial light has an important place, even if the sub-crawling space is lower under the ceiling than the living room. This is why, spots are present in height and a mirror enlarges the space. On the shower side, the blue mosaic brings a touch of color.

Scandinavian bathroom

Chalet Design ** After: ** The chalet style is in the spotlight thanks to wooden furniture and white tips that can be found on sections of wall or on the immaculate counter top basin. This allows for a place that is both design and rustic. For more information, visit the Chalet Design website.