10 gifts to make yourself with plants

10 gifts to make yourself with plants

Budding gardeners, Do it yourself lovers and plant lovers, what are you waiting for to start preparing your homemade Valentine's Day gifts? With a few plants, a little soil and a few accessories, here are 10 ideas for quickly making original gifts at a lower cost!

A mini aquatic garden

The merrythought How beautiful this aquatic garden in a jar is! Easy to make, it is made up of a jar, small stones for aquariums and aquatic plants found in all garden centers and pet stores. Take advice from the seller to cultivate the chosen varieties, and give free rein to your imagination! Source: The merrythought

A portico of mini flowerpots in coffee capsules

Spring in Fialta Give a second life to coffee capsules with this small gantry, easy to make with a few chopsticks, glue, string and scissors ... The only constraint is to find tiny succulents or tillandsias sprouts that can fit in these riquiqui containers… For the rest, the tutorial is here: Spring in Fialta

In place of flowers, small bubbles of poetry

Vtwonen For an original and delicate ephemeral gift, buy glass balls to fill in a creative hobby shop, and simply slip inside a small branch of eucalyptus, fir or holly ... This pretty end of year decoration year will last several weeks. Source: Vtwonen

A pendant with succulents

Pop and soda Easy to make, this unique piece of jewelry made with a small copper elbow and a few succulents is sure to have a little effect! Copper elbows can be found in all DIY stores and - good news - they only cost a few cents! Tutorial here: Pop and soda

A plant setting with succulents

Rag dolls What if you offered a painting made with love? Oh, no need to know how to draw, you just have to plant tightly many varieties of succulents of all colors. The result is magnificent, right? Tutorial here: Rag dolls

A potpourri as beautiful as it smells

Helloglow Dried citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, almonds, cloves, star anise ... And here is a wonderful homemade Christmas potpourri! Source: Helloglow

A homemade terrarium

Cook and gifts A great DIY classic, the terrarium in a jar or a glass jar remains an essential gift during the holidays. Pretty pots, gravel, potting soil for succulents, some succulents, and in a few hours you will have nice gifts for the whole family! See the tutorial: Cook and gifts

A rustic wooden "tablet"

Olive Manna What about the kids? Surprise them with these tablets made with tree rings painted with slate paint… And above all, don't forget to offer chalks of all colors to draw on! A beautiful natural object to teach children to write.

A kokedama

Khankeo PHOTHIRATH Contrary to appearances, making a kokedama is not as complex as it seems… With a little skill, you will be proud to offer these magnificent vegetable balls by announcing proudly: "c I did it "! And to know everything about the art of kokedama