Discover the Aviva winter collection

Discover the Aviva winter collection

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This winter 2014-2015, Aviva is witnessing a renaissance of the cottage style and a return to a healthier life. This is why the brand's new kitchens have been imagined by mixing modernity and naturalness and by betting on light colors such as blond wood, pure white and silk gray. Discover in pictures our 10 favorite new products.

A vintage style kitchen

Aviva With its multitude of open storage spaces, this kitchen is a real temple of practicality. The brown wood warms up the atmosphere of the room by giving it a good dose of character! Cuisine presented: 5,590 euros

Ultra contemporary cuisine

Aviva Simple lines, black and white for the colors, smooth facades, these are the ingredients of a kitchen that wants to be at the top of the contemporary. We are a fan of the result! Cuisine presented: 4,490 euros

A loft-style kitchen

Aviva White wall furniture, a black central island, Aviva proves to us with class that mixing colors in the kitchen works wonderfully! Add to that a wooden worktop, and there you are with a perfectly successful loft-style room! Cuisine presented: 7,990 euros

Cottage trend in the kitchen

Aviva With its soft gray color, this kitchen which has appropriated the cottage chic trend is a real treat for the eyes. The total wood look and the Scandinavian lines of the benches bring more serenity to the room. Cuisine presented: 12,990 euros

Pop colors in the kitchen

Aviva The orange pop, very fashionable in the 70s, is making a comeback in our kitchens to give them a nice touch of good humor! Combined with a white worktop, the result is dynamic! Cuisine presented: 3,790 euros

A cuisine with a Haussmannian look

Aviva When lacquer meets noble materials, it gives a kitchen that oscillates between modernity and Haussmann style. The trick to preserving the refined atmosphere of these large Parisian apartments: opt mainly for white furniture. Cuisine presented: 6,490 euros

Clean cuisine

Aviva To all lovers of immaculate kitchens, here is a model that may not leave you indifferent with its totally refined appearance. The plus: a wooden and stainless steel snack plan for slicing and giving importance to the dining area. Cuisine presented: 6,990 euros

Mix of materials in the kitchen

Aviva In today's kitchens, the combination that works perfectly is without hesitation that of blond wood to matt gray. We mix the different facades, we add a touch of stainless steel, and the result is at the top of the trend as this set presented by Aviva proves to us. Cuisine presented: 4990 euros

Between modernity and tradition in the kitchen

Aviva On is under the spell of this cuisine, which has successfully combined tradition and modernity. With its natural colors, it promises its occupants a nice moment of well-being as soon as the door is crossed. Cuisine presented: 7890 euros