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11 inspirations to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

11 inspirations to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

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The fireplace is, like the Christmas tree and the Christmas Eve table, a central element of the Christmas decor. Need inspiration to decorate your fireplace? Nature look, festive retro style, chalet or classic chic spirit: 11 fireplaces put on their most beautiful mantle to inspire you. Be careful, it's the tree that will be jealous…

Decorate the fireplace in the chalet spirit

Zara Home The crackling fire, the tinkling bells, the warm wood: this is a ** fireplace in the heart of the Christmas tradition **. One desire: to curl up, by the fire… For the atmosphere: fir branches, candles and a few openwork bells join wood, linen and fur… It doesn't take more to honor the chalet spirit.

The fireplace with a festive retro look

Save the Deco With these stylized hessian garlands and paper accessories in Christmas colors, you are opting for a modern version of the Christmas tradition. Handmade, these printed trees and vintage shapes combine to create the surprise of a fireplace decor with a festive retro look. Children (young and old) appreciate it.

Decorate the fireplace in the tradi chic style

H&M Home Tradition requires, white, red and green set the tone of this fireplace with a tradi-chic atmosphere. Slender candles, Christmas ornaments, fir branches and natural wood animals wink at the tablecloth, hanging lamps and printed cushions. Result? The visual effect is rich ... without being kitsch!

The pastel candy fireplace

Maisons du monde ** Sobriety and refinement ** for this fireplace decoration. We forget the red socks, the golden garlands and the decorations with Santa's motifs. We play on modern and delicate pieces with gourmet and pastel shades. Golden metal Christmas tree, feather decor, pearly accessories and natural wood objects complete this gentle atmosphere.

The family spirit fireplace

Maisons du monde Here, we wait impatiently for Santa Claus. And for good reason, this is THE fireplace that we think of when talking about the word Christmas. The one that propels us neither one nor two in the magic of the holidays and which awakens the nostalgia of childhood. ** Christmas socks and decorations ** dressed in red echo the brick of the fireplace and the tablecloth of the Christmas table. The family, gathered around the fireplace, prepares to spend a warm Christmas Eve.

Decorate the fireplace in a classic chic way

Zara Home A chic Paris atmosphere emerges from this fireplace. Crowns in branches and white bark, contours of hammered effect frame, a lantern in gilded metal ... It does not take more to create a beautiful classic chic effect which is reminiscent of the ** baroque style ** . Perfect for anyone wishing to spark the magic of Christmas discreetly.

The minimalist decor fireplace

Zara Home Of course you can opt for a ** fireplace decoration ** in British fashion or the traditional Jacquard socks are enthroned. And then we can also bet on sobriety for a ** fresh and minimalist ** look, yes even for the Christmas decor. Openwork metal decoration, stylized candle, natural effect Christmas letters and holly branches echo the warmth of the fire in the fireplace and the wood of the decor.

The 1000-fire fireplace

Private showroom We continue with this beautiful fireplace that puts ** light in the spotlight **. Electric garlands with delicate lines, Scandinavian branches and decorative accessories shine with 1000 lights. No doubt, Christmas is here and we expect to see Santa Claus popping up from one minute to the next to the sound of Jingle Bells ringing at the other end of the fireplace…

The fireplace and the eucalyptus

H&M Home No need to overload the chimney to make it look festive. A large crown of eucalyptus and a small pine cone are enough to embellish the Christmas decor with a green touch of the most beautiful effect. Far from the rhinestones and bling bling accessories, this fireplace gives pride of place to the authenticity of the Christmas holidays.

The fireplace with a graphic look

House Doctor Star of Christmas accessories, the socks lend themselves to beautiful decorations. Demonstration with this fireplace which highlights the Scandinavian style. Dressed in ** graphic patterns ** in black and white tones, the socks delicately hanging on the mantel celebrate the Christmas spirit with sobriety and style.


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