I want a bathroom with a bathtub

I want a bathroom with a bathtub

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** After spending several years replacing our bathtubs with showers, we are now reversing. The bathtub is again popular with the French, in apartments and in homes. It has been renewed and modernized to make your bathroom a modern relaxation area. Do you want a bathroom with a bathtub? Choose from the models we offer. **


Cartésio This bathtub is modern and practical. It performs its main function while offering storage. Easy to maintain, this bathtub is a Cartésio creation.

Make way for curves

Blow The right angles give way to curves in this model of bath signed Blow. The creation called an island perfectly demonstrates that a new generation of bathtubs is coming to the market.

A large bathtub

Interior design Do you dream of taking a bath with your other half while enjoying the comfort of your bathtub? Here is a model that should suit you: a bathtub for two!

Similar to an egg

Prodigg Named Egg, egg in English, this bathtub lives up to its name. It is part of the new generation of bathtubs and brings a touch of modernity to your interior.

A round bathtub

Kolpa Here is a round bathtub that will be enveloping for perfect moments of relaxation at the end of the day.


Vieques The bathtub evolves both in form and in material. Here Vieques invites you to discover a metallic and contemporary bathtub. A pretty creation!

Transparency game

Larissa The Larissa brand offers you this model of bathtub that successfully combines white and glass. Your bathroom looks like a luxury hotel.


Clico Travaux Difficult to say what this bathtub looks like. One thing is certain, it is resolutely contemporary and will find a place of choice in your bathroom.


Condor Balnéo Here the traditional bathtub is revisited to bring a touch of authenticity and glamor to your bathroom. A creation signed Condor Balnéo.