Décotec unveils its new products for the bathroom

Décotec unveils its new products for the bathroom

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** Décotec is a brand that offers innovative, modern and daring bathrooms. Often colored, always of high quality, the bathrooms created by Décotec appeal to both professionals and individuals. Collection after collection, the brand delights us with its creations and know-how. Another major asset, the brand produces its bathrooms in France! Do you want to discover the originality of Décotec creations? Here are 10 items from their collections. **


Décotec Available in white and in colors, the Couture range is as elaborate as a haute couture creation. A collection that lives up to its name!


Décotec The Ego range is as girly as it is magical. Practical and dressed in bright colors, the collection is pleasant to look at and use.


Décotec Décotec offers its version of the bathroom of the future. The basin and the furniture are one and dress in atypical colors. Here it is a golden element which is proposed to you.


Décotec The Millésime range exists in white and in colors. It allows to combine sobriety and ingenuity. A success !

Mona lisa

Décotec The Mona Lisa range is original and colorful. It gives free rein to your imagination and creates a bathroom in your image.


Décotec The Nova range from Décotec puts a little warmth in your bathroom by placing a subtle touch of wood.


Décotec Black has its place in the bathroom and the Riva range from Décotec proves it to you. The result is as trendy as it is sophisticated.


Décotec Blue is the color that does not go out of season season after season. Pure and modern, it is highlighted by the Toundra collection by Décotec.


Décotec The Vendôme collection signed Décotec can be described in one word: elegance. The range perfectly supports a decoration in white and black or a rainbow of colors.