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Pop atmosphere in the kitchen

Pop atmosphere in the kitchen

Are you tired of kitchens with neutral tones and overly versatile colors? And you want to add pep to your kitchen, while filling up on good humor? Well, the editorial staff has what you need: a pop cuisine, which gives pride of place to vitamin colors and decorative elements that throw it. This is the POP inspiration with our 10 colorful kitchens!

A solar yellow kitchen

Purpose If you can no longer support your kitchen, fitted out with rather dark furniture, we reassure you, there is no need to rethink the whole decor. The simplest and most economical solution? Repaint the main wall and some elements in a toned color. Here is a beautiful example here with this cuisine revisited thanks to a bright yellow.

Pop and industrial cuisine

Maisons du Monde Make room for color in your kitchen! Because the pop style is above all synonymous with colors, we do not hesitate to multiply them. Here, it's done with the colorful metal chairs, the aged wooden sideboard and the metal storage. Like what pop style and industrial style go very well together.

A red kitchen

Schmidt Red alert in this modern kitchen with clean lines. Here, we bet on a bright red, which is reminiscent of the fire engine red, and it slams, right?

Yellow yes, but sparingly

Perene Immense, this contemporary kitchen favors furniture between gray color and metal. And to wake up the atmosphere and bring in a little light, we add a touch of color according to the following principle: yellow yes, but sparingly.

Orange cuisine

Cuisinella This is a modern kitchen made of clean lines and design decorative elements. And to twist it all, we dress pieces of wall, expertly chosen, in a tonic color: a beautiful orange, to make Nemo pale.

Red strokes

Leroy Merlin Small kitchens are also entitled to their pop atmosphere. There is just a simple principle to respect: do not overload the space and risk suffocating the atmosphere, because too many colors kill the color. Suddenly, we choose to dress a single wall of red and we opt for colored furniture and suspension.

Mustard yellow cuisine

Mobalpa Pop but not too much. Here is a nice compromise that is for you, yes you, who like the pop style but who are a little chilly for all that is tonic colors. The editorial team therefore advises you to adopt this mustard yellow color, less lively but just as pop. You like ?

Splashes of color

Ikea In this kitchen, it is not the pop trend that strikes us at first sight. And yet the closet doors, chairs and splashes of color indicate the opposite. And THE pop detail? The large letters in fluorescent colors placed at the top of the cupboards.

Pop cuisine, but not too much

Ikea Pop: a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all? In this all-white kitchen, we play the minimalism card. And to give it a pop edge, we add a few pops of color here and there.