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Maisons du Monde: presentation of the summer 2015 collection in pictures

Maisons du Monde: presentation of the summer 2015 collection in pictures

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A summer wind is blowing on the new Maisons du Monde collection, taking us on a journey from India to the deep jungle, passing by a Lavandou farmhouse and the edge of the ocean. Discover these new products without further delay, projecting us to new horizons.

At the table sardines!

Maisons du Monde At table, the plates, dishes and wooden crates have all adopted patterns of small gourmet sardines. We love ! Retail Store bottle: 3.99 euros Sardinerie salad bowl: 11.99 euros Sardinerie dish: 12.99 euros

A tour in Lavandou

Maisons du Monde The Maisons de Provence reflect the singing accent of their inhabitants with their warm tones, their noble materials such as linen and large fabrics, and their contemporary furniture with retro notes. We love the result it gives in this living room, don't you? Hyères tablecloth: 49.99 euros Lavandou cushion: 19.99 euros Ardèche cushion cover: 12.99 euros

Country-style dishes

Maisons du Monde In the country-style kitchen, pottery, slush and thick earthenware stand out, adorned with patterns covering the traditional cement tiles. Provence Market basket: 5.99 euros Cocotte pitcher: 14.99 euros Cocotte pots: from 8.99 euros

Boxes full of charm

Maisons du Monde In this country house entry with the charm of yesteryear, it is on the small cement flower pots and the authentic metal boxes that you have to bet. The proof in pictures. Set of 3 Antique boxes: 30.97 euros Trivoli plant pot: 5.99 euros

Celebrate La Holi

Maisons du Monde La Holi, a famous festival of colors in India, places its shimmering colors and traditional patterns on a multitude of cushions at Maisons du Monde. They will awaken your decor! Aliya cushion: 49.99 euros Orissa cushion: 19.99 euros Lakshma cushion: 24.99 euros

Luxurious vegetation

Maisons du Monde Already started last season, the Jungle trend is confirmed this summer with natural materials like bamboo, forgotten colors like bright green and accessories with figurative decorations of flora and fauna. Seram throw: 49.99 euros Tropical cushion: 15.99 euros Java cushion: 19.99 euros

A very soft dresser

Maisons du Monde Soft colors, retro patterns, here are two pieces of furniture that will have no trouble slipping into a room that has bet on Scandinavian style! Seventies mini dresser: 49.99 euros Two-tone vase: 7.99 euros

Pastel and graphic

Maisons du Monde Difficult not to fall under the spell of these cocktail armchairs, hyper trendy in the 60s, which are here covered in pretty graphic and pastel fabrics. It only remains to accompany them with cushions in "Harlequin" prints. Harlequin cushion: 15.99 euros

A north wind in the living room

Maisons du Monde The Nordic atmosphere continues to blow its clean lines and pastel colors in our interiors. We fell in love with this candy pink sofa on which plaids and cushions designed in the same colors were installed. Lucie cushion cover: 9.99 euros Happy Hours candle: 13.99 euros Kelly throw: 29.99 euros