In detail

My wardrobe is inspired by ready-to-wear stores

My wardrobe is inspired by ready-to-wear stores

The inspiration of the day, we went to get it during our "shopping" sessions, in ready-to-wear stores. Where dresses, jackets and shoes are carefully displayed to attract our lust. Result: with us, we did the same. Without any hesitation, we stripped our closets. Bye-bye closet doors, now each piece of our wardrobe can freely take over the decor. Chic, right? Demonstration.

Extra large format

Ikéa For the lucky ones with a large space where to arrange a giant dressing room, here is a beautiful inspiration to copy and paste. On one wall, the men's corner, on the other, the women's corner, and at the junction of the two, a standing mirror!

Wall decoration

Ikea To energize the vertical decor, no need for paintings or photos. The dressing room alone plays the game. This one, white as the walls, allows each item of clothing stored there to stand out.


Ikéa Clothes racks on a human scale and perched in the heights of the bedroom: here is a dressing room that skilfully adorns the volumes of the room. Originality and fashion attitude as a starting point.

Right in the middle of the room

Ikéa enthroned without complex in the midst of the decor, this extra walk-in closet, shoe boxes at her feet, has monopolized attention. So you might as well exhibit our most beautiful pieces there!

In relief

Ikea Boxes, boxes, rods, hooks, shelves… This is the great variety of supports that make up this open-hearted wardrobe and gives relief to the room. Our clothes and shoes need only be well taken care of!

Men's department, women's department

Ikéa The open dressing room is mixed. Wearing dresses for women, display of jeans for men.

In the window

Ferm Living has kept its doors for it, but being glazed, they offer a glimpse of all that the closet has to offer. Like a store window.


Ikéa Even if it means opening the dressing room in broad daylight, it might as well make it visually attractive. By the color in particular. Start by arranging each piece of clothing in order of color so as to form an intensely chic gradient…

Question of practicality

Alinéa Unlike the other walk-in closets, this U-shaped model is not intended to be seen since it is a separate part. It just simplifies the life of its owners, who can see at a glance, the desired piece of clothing.