10 DIY crowns to be the king of the party

10 DIY crowns to be the king of the party

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After the Christmas log, we continue with the galette des rois! If you want to take a little digestive break, make your own DIY crown using free downloadable models and small decorative accessories. The editorial staff has selected 10 models for you while waiting to find the bean!

Buildings and pompoms on the crown

The house that Lars built / Laura Sumrak

Wow! This is a most original crown, mixing the patterns of drawn buildings and pompoms of all colors. The editorial fell in love with this unique model which can be downloaded for free! Source: The house that Lars built

Being the king, just for one day

Gabulle in Wonderland

Do you like refined models? Then fall for this black and white crown with small dots. A crown where you can become * queen / king just for one day * ... Children will be delighted to learn that this model also exists in a coloring version. Source: Gabulle in Wonderland

Soft colors and Scandinavian patterns

Impress Us

Here is a crown with pretty Scandinavian graphic patterns and colors. To have the same, you just have to download the model on the blog. And why not divert it by also making casseroles with it? Source: Impress us

Oh my King!

Sulky granny

For the epiphany, we urgently adopt the paper crown to cut and stick from the famous blog Mamie boude. Why do we like it? For its trendy and harmonious colors, its original shape, and also for its name "Oh my Queen!" and "Oh my King!". Source: Mamie boude

A crown with foam rubber

Hélène Jourdain

After the Indian headdress, Hélène Jourdain tackles the crown of kings which she creates and realizes with love. The idea: rummage around in your closets and find little treasures such as pearls, cords, foam rubber. Mix it all up and here's a pretty DIY black and gold crown, so chic. Source: Hélène Jourdain

Customizable crowns

Here are two pretty crowns downloadable and customizable on the Zü blog. We love their design and soft colors, where we can also add the name of the lucky winner. Source: Zü

A galactic crown

Sulky granny

Here are our two acolytes from the blog Mamie boude for a new DIY and decorative crown. It surfs on the graphic theme of the stars and the universe and is called "Prince of the universe". It does not take less to celebrate the epiphany! Source: Mamie boude

A hand made crown worthy of the most beautiful models

The pretty worlds

If, like the blog Les pretty worlds, you find that the crowns sold in the store are a little bland, create yours using paper, scissors and a little glitter tape. And now, voila ! The trick: cut the peaks at different heights for an unstructured and more charming effect. Source: The pretty worlds

A wreath with paper towels

Shake my blog

For the epiphany, the little kings must wear a crown in their image! No need to spend money on this, rolls of paper towels are enough! Add a little paint, follow the 4 steps of the tutorial and off you go! Source: Shake my blog