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Siemens presents its new 2015 built-in range

Siemens presents its new 2015 built-in range

At the cutting edge of technology, Siemens offers ever smarter solutions every year to make our daily lives easier. With an absolute minimalism, its latest iQ700 range ingeniously mixes clean forms, timeless design with ever more advanced technologies. Presentation in images of these devices imagined as real culinary assistants.

2 times faster cooking

With their new varioSpeed ​​function, Siemens ovens allow you to cook your food up to twice as fast. So you cook your chicken in 30 minutes instead of an hour! The most that appeals to us: an intelligent heating phase called coolStart which saves you preheating and allows you to prepare your frozen meals faster. Time is precious, and Siemens has understood this!

One screen to control everything

With their TFT-Touchdisplay Plus screen, imagined as a smartphone, and a central button, Siemens ovens offer an innovative and intuitive interface for the user. Once your parameters have been chosen with the cookControl Plus, it is then in the oven to automatically do what you used to do manually thanks to intelligent sensors. The iSensoric function takes care of everything! Siemens, oven HM676G0W1F, 1399.99 euros (available from April 2015)

A 3in1 oven

The last oven in the range is equipped with the pulseSteam function, that is to say a jet of steam which allows you to stop watering your meats yourself and savor tender and juicy dishes. Thanks to a water tank located in the strip, you can fill it and activate it at any time! Siemens, oven HN678G4S1F, 2,299.99 euros (available from April 2015).

A steam oven with a warming drawer

We also fell in love with the steam model imagined in 45cm, under which we can easily slide a heated drawer. Like a chef, you keep your plates warm before presenting them to your guests. Convenient ! Steam oven: 1,599.99 euros Heating drawer: 559.99 euros

White edition

Also dressed in white, the iQ700 appliances blend with purity and elegance in your kitchen. This special edition is fully in line with current minimalist trends, and thus promotes marriage with bright colors and materials such as wood or stone.

A highly design hood

This ultra design hood is a real concentrate of technologies. Thanks to sensors, it measures the air quality and adapts according to each situation. A feat achieved in addition, in silence! 1,999.99 euros

Built-in refrigerator

The new multi-door handset from Siemens combines exceptional performance with unique future ergonomics. Spacious and functional thanks to its multitude of small storage spaces, the refrigerator is equipped for the first time with a refrigeration part with the bilateral opening system and two extra-large freezer drawers. The little extra: a ventilated cold system in the freezer that avoids frost and food that sticks together. 2499.99 euros

A dishwasher to save time

In addition to integrating perfectly into your kitchen thanks to their finish, the new iQ700 dishwashers will above all save you time! Thanks to the varioSpeedPlus function, your washing and drying process is even faster and more flexible. The most that appeals to us: an original blue light so as not to be reluctant to empty it once the cycle is over.

A touch screen

With its TFT screen, the latest from Siemens promises to help you when choosing your washing cycle. With small tips and explanations on each of the programs, you can easily adapt your device to your needs.