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50 decorative ideas for a winter wedding

50 decorative ideas for a winter wedding

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Winter wedding impossible? False! Know that with a decoration chosen, seasonal accessories and delicacies of circumstance, your winter celebration can be simply magnificent. The proof in pictures with our 50 decorative ideas to reuse!

Do-It-Yourself Hot Chocolate

Bridal Guide

Here is a gift to give to your guests, perfect for warming up and which will be appreciated: a hot chocolate to make yourself. We love the idea! Source: Bridal Guide


Bridal Guide

We literally fall for these delicacies honoring a pretty snowman. They will surely please your guests! Source: Bridal Guide

Panels that warm

The Frosted Petticoatblog - Monika Hibbs

To indicate to your guests where the accessories for warming up are located, consider placing an elegant slate in your decor! Sources: The Frosted Petticoatblog & Monika Hibbs

A relaxation corner

Monika hibbs

As in any wedding, do not forget to imagine a relaxation corner for those who wish to take a short break. Here, it is the white and pastel colors that have created a winter atmosphere. Source: Monika Hibbs

Natural place cards

Bride's Book

What a great idea to create the place cards for your winter decor with pine cones! Inexpensive, easy to make, all you have to do is get started! Source: Bride's Book

A winter mounted piece

Christmas Lights Etc - Cake Central

Pine cones or flakes, there is no question of imagining a fitted piece that does not harmonize with the rest of the winter decor. Sources: Christmas Lights Etc & Cake Central

A bunch of pine cones

Hative - Sonharecasar

Whether in the hands of the bride or in a vase on the table, the bouquet of pine cones is perfectly appropriate! Sources: Hative & Sonharecasar

Logs on the table

Something Turquoise - Colin Cowie Weddings

Dare a little originality on your winter table by letting in a few wooden logs. In support for the candle jars or in the center of the table, we love them! Sources: Something Turquoise & Colin Cowie Weddings

A hot chocolate bar

Upcycled Treasures

To warm up your guests after the ceremony, imagine a reception that is organized around a hot chocolate bar. The trick: a neat decor and little treats will be ideal! Source: Upcycled Treasures

Hanging marshmallows

Parigote - Simple Me Pretty

To recreate a snowy decor in your reception room, here is a very simple idea to carry out: fix small marshmallows on nylon thread, and hang everything above the table. The result is breathtaking, right? Sources: Parigote & Simple Me Pretty

Christmas trees for place cards

Hometalk - Style Me Pretty

Whether it's a small gift that your guests can take home or simple pieces of branches, the tree becomes a real ally to make its place cards. Sources: Hometalk & Style Me Pretty

Big fir trees

Knotsvilla - Bridal Guide

A large Christmas tree at the entrance of the reception hall or a smaller one at the center of the table find their perfect place in a wedding decor organized during the holiday season. Sources: Knotsvilla & Bridal Guide

Decorative balls

Real Wedding Day - Knots Villa

The balls of the Christmas tree also have no problem slipping on the decor of the table once customized for D-Day. Sources: Real Wedding Day & Knots Villa

Illuminated branches

Weddingbells - Evergreendirect

To recreate the sweet atmosphere of trees illuminated in winter, create branch ceilings in your room on which you will have small luminous garlands. The result is stunning ! Sources: Weddingbells & Evergreendirect

Flower balls

Southern Weddings - Wedding Chicks

No snow in the yard? Never mind ! You can create delicate balls with small white flowers and hang them in your decor using a silky white ribbon. Sources: Southern Weddings & Wedding Chicks

Branches in jars

Love My Dress - Trendy Tree

To give the impression of being outdoors in the middle of winter, do not hesitate to place a few bare branches here and there in glass jars. Sources: Love My Dress & Trendy Tree

Snowy signs

Style Me Pretty

So that your guests can find their way there when they arrive at your reception, remember to plant pretty signs made in raw wood in the snow! The result is most authentic. Source: Style Me Pretty

Wool blankets

Wedding Chicks

To warm the atmosphere around the table, place two large woolen blankets on the seats of the bride and groom. Source: Wedding Chicks

Big candles in the garden

Wedding Chicks

Since the sun sets early in winter, plan skylights in the garden! Here, large and thin candles have been placed in old glass jars for a charming result. Source: Wedding Chicks

A Santa Claus sleigh

Wedding Chicks

Difficult to drive by car on snow ... To remedy this problem, adopt an authentic red and black sled that will surprise more than one! Source: Wedding Chicks

Small table accessories

Wedding Chicks

A fir tree in golden pearls, a small deer, a seasonal bouquet, this table has all the ingredients for a successful winter decor! Source: Wedding Chicks

A beautiful view

Wedding Chicks

If you have a sublime view of the mountain, why not imagine the ceremony outdoors? Source: Wedding Chicks

Fir balls on the table

Modwedding - Media Cache Eco

Nothing is easier to decorate your winter table than to adopt fir balls by accumulating them! Sources: Modwedding & Media Cache Eco

Real snow on the table

Style Me Pretty

For a truer than life decor on your table, place here and there freshly picked snow! We are under the spell. Source: Style Me Pretty

Fur placemats

Style Me Pretty

These fur placemats warm up this winter themed wedding table in the blink of an eye. A daring bias, but one that works wonderfully! Source: Style Me Pretty

Decorate the fireplace

Style Me Pretty

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful fireplace in your reception room, don't forget to decorate it! Holly, fir branches and a multitude of candles will do the trick! Source: Style Me Pretty

Snowflakes on invitations

Style Me Pretty

On the invitations as on the menus, we invite you to play the winter theme in depth by adding a few white flake prints! Source: Style Me Pretty

Branches and fir trees

Style Me Pretty

Curved branches in white and small pastel paper trees, here is a refined and delicate wedding table that will make a splash! Source: Style Me Pretty

Lanterns in the garden

Style Me Pretty

To add a decorative touch to these steps covered by fresh snow, place an elegant wooden lantern on each. Source: Style Me Pretty


Bridal Guide - Tidewater and Tulle

We love the idea of ​​wooden logs transformed into candle jars as elegant on the table as placed on the ground! Sources: Bridal Guide & Tidewater and Tulle

Rings in a log


Ultra decorative this log of wood imagined to contain the wedding rings of the newlyweds, right? Source: SweetHomeWoods

Artificial snow

Oh lovely day - World Real Estate

Who says winter wedding, necessarily says artificial snow for decoration! Here, she invites herself into the jars to magnify the candles. Sources: Oh lovely day & World Real Estate

Large white bouquets

Belle The Magazine - Invitesweddings

To enhance your tables, we advise you of course to have large white bouquets in their center. A real note of sophistication! Sources: Belle The Magazine & Invitesweddings

A DIY centerpiece


How about your centerpieces? An old jar, artificial snow, a small plastic tree, and that's the job! Source: Whipperberry

Scottish plaids

Elizabeth Anne Designs - Intimate Weddings

Imagined like a tablecloth on the table or arranged on the chairs of the newlyweds, these Scottish plaids do everything to warm the atmosphere, and it works! Sources: Elizabeth Anne Designs & Intimate Weddings

Paper garlands


Small cardboard circles, small flakes made on white paper, a nylon thread and here is a garland for the occasion! Source: MaisyandAlice

Winter wreaths

WildRidgeDesign - Style Me Pretty

Composed of small white flowers or twigs of wood, these two garlands bring a touch of elegance to a winter wedding reception. Sources: WildRidgeDesign & Style Me Pretty

Ice skates

Montana Sweet Pea - My Pine Place

Here is an original idea that does not leave us indifferent: accompany your decor with old white ice skates. A real authentic touch! Sources: Montana Sweet Pea & My Pine Place

Throws for the guests

This is Kool - Elle UK

What could be more natural than offering your guests cozy blankets during your winter-themed reception? Sources: This is Kool & Elle UK

Ice sculptures

Bridal Guide - Krystalkleerice

To impress your guests, do not hesitate to add magnificent ice sculptures to your decor! Sources: Bridal Guide & Krystalkleerice

Bark on the jars

Luluto - Livemaster

To dress and warm your glass jars which will serve as candle jars on the table, add a ribbon made of wood bark all around. Sources: Luluto & Livemaster

Customized wine glasses


Once turned over and filled with artificial snow, these wine glasses take on a fantastic appearance, don't you think? We reproduce the idea if we want to create an original decor on our wedding table. Source: Cfabbridesigns

Paper trees

Yes yes studio

We are totally seduced by this table on which funny very refined paper trees have been installed everywhere. Source: Ouiouioui Studio

Small animals

Morganours - Fab Mood

As in our winter interior decorations, small animals such as deer and rabbits make a little nest! Sources: Morganours & Fab Mood

Gourmet flakes

Fab mood

The delicacies offered on the table must also be in the theme! Here, small flakes set the tone! Source: Fab Mood

At the Fireside

Style Me Pretty - Capitol Romance

What would a winter wedding be without a small fire? Imagined outside, it warms up the guests who want to get some fresh air! Sources: Style Me Pretty & Capitol Romance

Immaculate ground

Itsmepaulette - Sandra Scalisi

To give the impression that snow has fallen in the church or in its reception room, we dare on the ground a white and soft covering like cotton! Sources: Itsmepaulette & Sandra Scalisi

Splashes of color

Bridal Musings

Don't be afraid to add a little color to your winter-themed decor! On this table, it is the purple glasses that bring the touch of refinement. Source: Bridal Musings

Fir branches

Ruffled - Brides

Finally, know that the fir branches can bring a real plus to your decor: on the table runner or attached to a chair, it's up to you! Sources: Ruffled & Brides