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The dining room opens onto the living room

The dining room opens onto the living room

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In our contemporary interiors, the rooms open onto each other to offer residents a very convivial space. This is particularly the case for the dining room or rather the dining area which is now installed in the living room. Demonstration in pictures.

The living room as an extension of the dining room

Purpose If you like open spaces, do not hesitate to chain the kitchen, dining room and living room. Thus, the partitions of the room disappear completely to create a friendly spirit like a loft.

Two spaces in a long room

Fly If your room has a fairly elongated shape, it is easy to make the two spaces coexist while giving them each a delimitation. A French window can thus delimit the dining area from the sitting area.

A dining room behind the living room

Ikea You can place the dining room table in your room and use the different sofas to create a square for the living room. Thus, each function has its space.

A bounded living room with a carpet

Ikea If you choose to install the dining room in the living room, you can for example define the latter by choosing a very graphic rug. The space is then opened but the functions of each space are well defined.

A living room facing the dining room

Purpose If you want the occupants of the living room to be able to participate when others are at the table, turn your sofa towards your dining table to create a fairly convivial whole.

One L-piece

Ikea If your large living room has an L shape, you will be able to install the living room and the dining room in the same room without the whole forming a whole.

An architectural delimitation

Dulux Valentine Finally, take advantage of the architectural details of your interior to define the living area of ​​the dining area as here thanks to this pillar that separates the two spaces.

A sofa in the dining room

Paragraph If the dining room is very important to you, place your dining table in the center of the room and only have a sofa against a wall to also provide it with a living room function.

The dining room and living room in the same space

Goal If your room is not very large, you will also be able to make the living space cohabit with that of the dining room. But to clearly define the spaces, opt for a contrast of colors and choose a carpet for the table.


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