I bring a fir tree into my little living room

I bring a fir tree into my little living room

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Who says that only large houses and spacious apartments are entitled to their Christmas tree? The Christmas spirit is everywhere and even more in small spaces! So we share with you some inspirations to bring a Christmas tree into your mini-home ... Small spaces must show ingenuity throughout the year to bring their whole life into not many square meters ... At Christmas, same fight to bring a (mini) tree into your little living room! Because, yes, you too deserve a beautiful tree! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Christmas tree bouquet version

House & home / Decorative planet And if we made a beautiful bouquet with a few branches of fir nicely arranged in a vase?

Mini tree

Cocolapine Mini-apartment? Mini tree! Very small but staged with a pretty flowerpot and bohemian garlands.

Conceptual tree

Ferm Living At Ferm Living, we have spotted beautiful little metal or wood fir trees that will fit perfectly in your little living room!

Flea market

Nicety Your collection of trinkets strewn all summer on flea markets will serve you: we hang all the small objects pell-mell pure to create a form of pretty tree - which does not take up space!

Fir tree herbarium

Free people Some pretty branches of fir, some branches of holly for the color and some trinkets. All glued to the wall with masking tape!

Mini fir trees, mini forest

Ikea What if like at Ikea we accumulated mini-trees on the dining room table? For a mini-forest at home.

Mobile tree

Walther & co Even more space-saving: the fir tree in the air. It is a very good idea that gives us the Danish brand Walther & co: to create a mobile with a few branches of fir and pretty decorations.

Branches & concrete

Stilzitat An elegant alternative: here is a tree branch held by a piece of concrete recovered from a construction site. White decorations and pine cones make everything romantic.

Curtain version fir

Ikea Never left behind in terms of finding solutions for small spaces, Ikea offers us a fabric with a very realistic fir print. With a white sheet and felt pens for textiles, you can make your own! Hang instead of curtains in the living room for a space-saving Christmas tree with the best effect. We hang the decorations with tape or pins.