Chalet Cyanella: a charming stopover in Haute-Savoie

Chalet Cyanella: a charming stopover in Haute-Savoie

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If elegance had a name, it would most certainly respond to the sweet name of Cyanella. This prestigious contemporary chalet of 500 m² located in Haute-Savoie and carefully arranged by the designer Bô Design opens its doors for a visit full of dreams!

Between modernity and tradition

Alexandre Van Battel Behind the traditional facade of this wooden chalet, the designer breathed a breeze of modernity with sensual materials and furniture with pure lines, a touch of retro. A praise of raw materials that remarkably echoes the powerful spectacle of nature.

Ode to conviviality and comfort

Alexandre Van Battel Goodbye moldings and plinths typical of traditional chalets and place the purity of lines in line with those of nature. Near the spacious living room, the dining room offers a magical setting to the most demanding eye. In this space, the designer furniture comes to confront the classic structure of the room, thus breaking with the rustic side of the chalets of yesteryear. Comfortable and opulent at the same time, the living room reinterprets the codes of mountain life by offering guests a design and warm setting enhanced by the harmonies of gray, beige and brown.

Between curves and straight lines

Alexandre Van Battel If the kitchen is above all a place of conviviality, welcome and sharing, it is also today a space that we want to be trendy and practical. Contemporary, it is open to the dining room bathed in light and put on an unpretentious chic decoration. The wood of the ceiling and the parquet, associated with the black furniture, offers a fair balance between tradition and modernity. Graphics, stools with pure lines, finish dressing this elegant and refined composition.

A haute couture bedroom

Alexandre Van Battel The spirit of this exceptional place is expressed in the decoration and in the rigorous quality of the selected materials. In the bedroom, the pieces of contemporary art elegantly confront the different wood tones. The colors match and the furniture with curved lines and graphics finish dressing the space. With its oversized bay window, the room becomes a space open to nature, conducive to contemplation and meditation, which allows guests to take full advantage of natural light and spectacular views.

The bathroom is dressed in black and white

Alexandre Van Battel The blond wooden ceiling could have given a rustic atmosphere to this bathroom but it was without counting on the black furniture dotted with white that were chosen. The result: an ultra contemporary, geometric piece with a minimalist twist.

Discovering a new art of living

Alexandre Van Battel In this other room, carefully chosen objects, materials and furniture set the tone: against a backdrop of soft tones, parquet floors and warm ceilings, cushions and plaids in fur go together to stage a serene, soothing decor spirit and brings it back to basics.

A cozy dorm

Alexandre Van Battel The dormitory, equipped with a shower room prolongs this exotic atmosphere. Wood, omnipresent, contributes to creating a unique atmosphere where luxury meets the traditional Savoyard spirit. The antique furniture, associated with a few touches of fur and more contemporary elements complete this enchanting decor.

Studious retreat

Alexandre Van Battel An office area has even been fitted out, offering passing visitors the possibility of a studious retreat. Modernized with simple furnishings, the space immerses the visitor in a cozy atmosphere, conducive to reflection.

Totally marbled!

Alexandre Van Battel Below, a bar area has been created, offering a peaceful retreat amidst the many activities on offer in Megève. Sculptural, sensual, bright, marble enchants the room. Associated with a few touches of wood, it brings a touch of elegance by its mere presence and warms this interior in the blink of an eye! Chalet Cyanella: Alpine Guru