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Focus on the Spring-Summer 2015 Blanc des Vosges collection

Focus on the Spring-Summer 2015 Blanc des Vosges collection

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Blanc des Vosges, one of the last textile companies to manufacture its household linen in France, takes us to creative atmospheres in shimmering colors in its new collection. In satin, cotton percale, the sets have all been imagined in refined materials. Presentation in pictures.

A fine line

Blanc des Vosges To add a subtle touch to this white duvet cover, a thin gray line in the shape of a rectangle has been added in the center. This will appeal to those who are not against something new on the immaculate bed linen.

Abstract art

Blanc des Vosges Fancy a work of art in your room? And if rather than hanging it on the wall, you adopt it on your bed linen? This duvet cover proposed by Blanc des Vosges strangely reminds us of an abstract art painting, don't you?

Pop atmosphere

Blanc des Vosges To put your bedroom in good mood, here is a duvet cover that alternates white stripe and orange stripe for a specific purpose: to create a pop and dynamic atmosphere in the room.

Color splashes

Blanc des Vosges This bedding set is full of lightness with its many stains colored in the colors of Brazil. Perfect for bringing the sun and the warmth of the country into the bedroom!

Summer flowers

Blanc des Vosges While the sun is having a hard time pointing the nose, we already dream of being in summer with this duvet cover which displays pretty little summer flowers.

Deep blue

Blanc des Vosges This deep blue duvet cover takes us to dreamland in the blink of an eye. It is suitable for all desires and particularly likes in a room that has bet on the industrial style.

Candy pink

Blanc des Vosges Fresh, feminine, delicate, this duvet cover has all the ingredients to meet our needs for a romantic and bucolic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Small squares

Blanc des Vosges We are under the spell of this duvet cover on which many small colored squares are invited. In a teenage bedroom or in a parental suite on the Scandinavian theme, she will be appreciated.

Yellow and gray

Blanc des Vosges The yellow and gray association was emulated in 2014 in our kitchens. And if in 2015 we dared in the bedroom with this bed set?