When the decor goes in pairs

When the decor goes in pairs

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If it is often said that decorative objects go in threes, also know that decoration works well in pairs with several possibilities. Not only can you double your furniture and accessories in your interior, but you can also opt for double decorative items that are very trendy. Discover it all in pictures.

Suspensions in pairs

Ikea Do you have a large work plan or a large office to light? A single suspension will not be enough so we install two identical models for a twin decoration that will be practical and aesthetic.

Lamps by two

AM.PM Here, the designers of this lamp have directly decided to see the decoration in duplicate with a wall lamp that offers two light points. And to maximize the decorative effect, you can even choose two sconces.

Coffee tables by two

La Redoute For modular and graphic decor in the living room, we put on these nested coffee tables. A new style of pull-out table that does not lack practicality and aesthetics!

A suspension by two

AM.PM With this designer pendant light, you will only get one light, but on the decor side, you will be entitled to two nested lampshades. A glass model is indeed superimposed on the classic lampshade for an ultra design look.

Basins by two

Paragraph In the bathroom, two basins are very practical because they will allow you to use the bathroom at the same time in the morning. In terms of decoration, we like the effect of symmetry!

Sofas in pairs

Paragraph Why choose a very large sofa when you can choose two smaller models that will dress the room in a balanced way? Choose the same two models for a symmetrical effect.

Armchairs by two

Maisons du monde As for the armchairs, two models are installed around the coffee table to give the living room an intimate feel.

Cushions in pairs

Alinéa To give style to the sofa, the cushions are essential. But no question of choosing a single model! We opt for at least two models like here with a black cushion and a patterned cushion that respond.

Candles in pairs

Bougies La Française Finally, for the final touch of your decor, drop a few candles that will create a friendly atmosphere. But to increase the heat, we prefer two candles rather than one!


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