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Small bedroom, maxi decor

Small bedroom, maxi decor

Your room is small and you don't know how to make it functional and original? There is no need for large surfaces to fit out a design and cozy bedroom. A few decorative tips are enough to optimize the look of your room, whatever its size. Design accessories, color palette, original furniture or soft carpet ... Here are some ideas in pictures to create a mini bedroom with a maxi decor!

A palette of light colors

Ikea To enlarge the space of a small bedroom, opt for a light color chart. Ideal for bringing more light into a small room, pastel colors will give the illusion of a larger room while giving a soft and warm decor.

Playing with lighting

Ikea Regardless of its proportions, give an impression of space to your small bedroom by playing with the light. The trick here is to multiply the small light sources across the room by emphasizing the places to enhance. Leave in the shade the little storage corners of which you are less proud!

Optimizing angles

Ikea To make the best use of space, do not hesitate to optimize the angles of the room as here. A right angle is ideal for placing a desk, a mezzanine, a sofa ... And quirky angles, once hidden, become very practical storage spaces!

Decorate the walls

Vtwonen As in this small room, opt for a tapestry with original prints to give character to the decoration of the room. Bet on bright colors or a deep paint on one of the walls to make your room appear larger.

Add green plants

Ikea Add style to your bedroom decor by focusing on green plants. Arrange them in a collection on the windowsill, on the floor or on a bedside table to brighten up the room with a note of freshness.

Multifunctional furniture

Ikea To optimize your space while boosting the decor of your small bedroom, there are several tips. The most practical is to bet on multifunctional furniture: a dresser bed, for example. You sleep on your two ears, but also on all your clothes and your administrative paper binders. Guaranteed lead sleep.

Bring volume

Ikea Play with the volumes of your small bedroom and give the illusion of a larger space by betting on low and wide furniture. The walls are thus cleared, and you have all the necessary space for a maxi decoration!

A cozy Scandinavian decor

La Redoute A small room is immediately warmer than a large room. It is easier to make a small bedroom even more cozy. You just have to multiply the layers, the textures and the accessories like here with decorative cushions in close tones but different fabrics.

A functional 2 in 1 bed

Ikea To optimize the space in your small room until you can accommodate a guest, opt for a soft bed that neither one nor two allows you to take out a comfortable extra bed when necessary. So you can share with your loved ones your maxi decor!