Kirigami: 10 tutorials to get started

Kirigami: 10 tutorials to get started

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After origami, here comes the new DIY trend, the Kirigami! You do not know what it is ? Do not panic ! If you like making paper creations and are skilled with your hands, this is the time for a first initiation. Snowflake, spider web, ballerina or simple hanging garland ... Discover 10 ways to understand this new creative leisure trend from Japan.

The art of scalpel cutting

Crafts To start this new activity well, it is also essential to practice the technique of cutting with a scalpel. For the occasion, we have unearthed you a nice tutorial which will allow you to improve your skills little by little! Watch your fingers! * More info on this DIY: Crafts *

3D cutting

Cool creativity Little by little, by dint of practicing and with a little talent and dexterity, you will become able to create your own cutting templates, until you become a true Kirigami artist. To encourage you to continue your efforts, here is an original way to surround a gift package. Guaranteed pop up effect, following the step-by-step instructions. * More info on this DIY: Cool creativity *

A paper lotus flower

Warm hot chocolate A good way to approach kirigami: the lotus flower! Ready to get started? Take a sheet of paper and fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Arrange in the shape of a small branch that you will have previously drawn and cut out from a white sheet. Trace the outline of the branch on your sheet of paper using a white pencil then cut out. Repeat the process three times and to finish, assemble all the pieces between them. Pretty right? * More info on this DIY: Warm hot chocolate *

A Kirigami garland

Oh happy day What would a successful party be without beautiful garlands arranged here and there… Color sheets, a ruler, scissors and a little glue… here we are! Fold a sheet lengthwise and give it a few scissors. When you're done, gently unfold the paper and flatten it carefully. Repeat this process as many times as you want, depending on the length of the garland you want. Assemble the papers together ... and that's the job! * More info on this DIY: Oh happy day *

Kirigami spider webs

Omiyage blogs Scary, fun or totally offbeat, the Halloween party is a celebration full of "thrills". 2015 objective: create pretty colorful spider webs! First step, take a piece of square paper and fold it in half diagonally. Fold it twice more, so that the leaf takes the shape of a cone, and cut the top of your triangle into a curve then discard the rest. Then cut horizontal strips from the cone. Finally, carefully unfold your paper ... this is a nice spider web kirigami! * More info on this DIY: Omiyage blogs *

A very graphic snowflake

WikiHow You liked making your first snowflake, you will surely love making this new colorful and graphic model. On the material side you will need paper, glue, a stapler and a pair of scissors. If you decide to take up the challenge, start by folding each of the six pieces of paper in half, diagonally. With your square folded into a triangle, fold the triangle a second time. Three scissors on each of the triangles, we unfold the square and we wrap each of the pieces as on the model… * More info on this DIY: WikiHow *

Colorful balls

Makezine With paper, scissors and a good dose of patience, you can make amazing varieties of mathematical forms. The paper sculpture below consists of twenty identical components that form a complex bond. They fit together without glue in a very symmetrical arrangement. Follow the guide ! More info on this DIY: Makezine

Eiffel Tower

Nzafro Lovers of Paris and its emblematic buildings, this tutorial is made for you. First step, we fold a square in half diagonally. Second step, cut the triangle six times in length, at regular intervals, the triangle on one side, then repeat the operation on the opposite side. All that remains is to unfold the paper and discover its realization. Magic ! * Tutorial via: Goody Palmer *

A pretty ballerina

Krokotak Okay, this tutorial is far from being the easiest to make and it is rather a model intended for experts, but for the editorial staff, we did not resist the temptation to present this adorable ballerina , an aerial streak, which will allow you to realize, if this is not the case, the great diversity of possible achievements with only a sheet and scissors. * More info on this DIY: Krokotak *


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