10 creations to shop at Pop Corn

10 creations to shop at Pop Corn

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Derivatives and original creations: that is the credo of Pop Corn. We are thus offered a multitude of lights, furniture and design objects created on the basis of those we are used to seeing, and which are however very different. We have selected for you 10 creations not to be missed at Pop Corn.

Pop Corn bottle lamp

Pop Corn A recycled bottle, a white lampshade, and what was only a simple bottle of wine suddenly becomes a sublime lamp with undeniable charm to have in every corner of your interior.

A cluster to store bottles

Pop Corn Fall for this bottle holder in the shape of a bunch of grapes to store twelve bottles! Infinitely stackable, this light and resistant bottle holder can also be used as playful storage in your children's room.

MiCha, a pet lamp

Pop Corn Available in four different versions (seated, round back, walking, baby seated), MiCha is a work of design art, an unusual object that is both a lamp and a cat. Designed like a pet lamp, you will soon be able to do without it!

A Pop Corn design chair:

Pop Corn An original, sober and elegant chair that will look great in your living room. You can enjoy moments comfortably installed in this three-legged chair, and even use it as storage for your books for example.

Pop Corn iPhone 5 support:

Pop Corn This support for iPhone 5 brings a totally retro look to your smartphone. Place it on the dock, download an app to get a retro alarm clock on your iPhone, and you will get a nostalgic clock radio.

A tree trunk as a bench:

Pop Corn Here is a high-end and design bench designed from bronze chair backs and a tree trunk. This extraordinary bench is the way to make the link between nature and the decor of your interior or exterior.

Pop Corn flexible lamp:

Pop Corn Simple but very practical, this lamp can be plugged directly into all your unused sockets. Its flexible wire will allow you to arrange it in any desired direction. You can also connect several to a power strip: guaranteed effect!

Pop Corn porcelain boots

Pop Corn Here is the perfect representation of the plastic boots that we all know. These multifunctional porcelain boots will not be of any use to you for gardening but they will decorate your interior nicely or serve as umbrella stands or original vases.

The Pop Corn candlestick:

Pop Corn If you are tired of straight, sober and conventional candlesticks, you will fall for these distorted candlesticks with multiple colors. To have on your furniture for an unusual decoration or in the middle of a table for a candlelit dinner!


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