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Fur warms the whole house

Fur warms the whole house

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To warm the house in winter, we adopt the mountain codes with accessories (fake) fur to install in all rooms of the house. Get inspired with our selection of 10 very warm atmospheres.

A comforter cushion

Spoiler With this faux fur cushion, you will warm any armchair to give it a winter look in the blink of an eye. On the sofa or on the bed, it also creates a sensation.

A fur bedspread

Fly To get warm when the nights are cool outside, we warm the room in less than two with a faux fur bedspread which gives a chalet atmosphere to the room.

A total fur look

AM.PM For an even warmer atmosphere, you can opt for a total fur look with a bedspread and cushions. The "extra" decoration: a leather pouffe that turns into a bedside table.

Carpet fur

AM.PM To install fur on the floor, you can buy a sheepskin that will instantly warm up the decor of your room.

Fur for a warm atmosphere

Fly In this living room, the fur brings a lot of warmth thanks to different accessories. A plaid, a cushion, a carpet and even an ottoman set the scene.

Fur on decorative items

Spoiler To create your warm decor, you will not fail to find decorative objects that are adorned with fur like this lamp which is dressed in a very soft lampshade.

Fur at the table

C What For a meal on the theme of the mountain, we can opt for these coasters which are made from cow skins. A detail that will make the difference during the aperitif.

Fur in the bathroom too

Aquamass In the bathroom, Aquamass has imagined a cow skin-covered bathtub to create a chalet atmosphere even in this room. Relaxation and a warm spirit guaranteed!

Christmas decor too

Spoiler Finally, know that the Christmas decor also adopts fur with small decorations very soft to hang on the tree. After Christmas, nothing prevents you from hanging them somewhere in the house.


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