10 designer lamps to discover

10 designer lamps to discover

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When it comes to lighting, the designers are not lacking in imagination and are constantly offering ever more original creations. We invite you to discover 10 highly design lamps and lights to adopt without hesitation.

The Chantilly lamp by Mustache

Mustache This lamp is the star of the moment in particular thanks to its Scandinavian style and poetic spirit. Constance Guisset signs a classic design future.

Bourgie lamp by Kartell

Kartell When the baroque lamp is revisited, it gives an ultra modern lamp in transparent polycarbonate in order to combine the tradition of form with modernity of materials. A successful and now classic marriage.

Gae Aulenti's Pipistrello lamp

Martinelli Luce If there is one cult object of design, it is the Pipistrello lamp with its lampshade inspired by a bat which diffuses a soft and warm light.

The Pure lamp from Slide

Slide Polyethylene has opened up new horizons in terms of lighting. Result, Slide offers bold forms like this bear with clean lines and design that revisits the codes of childhood.

Fatboy's Edison table lamp

Fatboy The Edison lamp is none other than a small nomad lamp which can move everywhere thanks to its battery. On the look side, it oscillates between design with its clean lines in a single block and tradition by its classic form.

The Forest lamp by Super-Ette

Super-Ette This original lamp is inspired by two trees. It is made up of wooden feet and a woven paper shade that diffuses a vaporous light.

Eno's Get Out lamp

Eno This is not a companion dog but a lamp that provides offset lighting in your interior because the bulb is none other than the dog's head.

The Lucellino lamp by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer A cult piece of lighting, this poetic lamp pays homage to the light bulb by placing it at the center of creation. Only small wings accessorize the whole.

The Nessimo lamp by Artemide

Artemide Icon pop, this lamp combines round shapes with a bright color that is sure to wake up your interior in style.