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10 vitamin kitchens!

10 vitamin kitchens!

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With the sun gradually settling in, we begin to crave cheerfulness in the house. It's time to wake up our interiors with color! The kitchen thus becomes the theater of good humor with a very vitamin look!

Pink for a cheerful kitchen

Alinéa To make a kitchen soft and colorful, we put on a deep pink which will set the tone of the kitchen. It is then accessorized with touches of bright yellow, orange, red colors…

Bright colors

Alinéa To enhance the kitchen, you can also bet on a duo of colors. Here, we opted for tart green combined with blue in order to bring out each color. The mixture is very original.

Different furniture and walls

Paragraph To create a very colorful atmosphere in the kitchen, why not choose a different color for the kitchen furniture and for the walls. Here a bright red settles on the furniture while green dresses the walls.

Color on the walls

Alinéa If you don't want to change the color of your furniture, you can always paint the walls of the room in a tart color. Here the apple green brings out the white furniture.

Brighten up a black kitchen

Lapeyre Similarly, if your kitchen furniture is black or gray, opt for a wall color that enhances everything! The orange color will give pep to the whole.

Some colorful furniture

Lapeyre To energize the kitchen, we choose to install the color on the kitchen furniture that occupies the wall surface. The furniture then becomes very decorative.

Furniture meets wall

Lapeyre To create a strong whole, you can use a bright color from your furniture on the wall. In this kitchen, the worktops are apple green and meet one of the walls of the room.

Color block spirit

Leroy Merlin Nothing like waking up the kitchen is inspired by the color block style that is all the rage in fashion. This trend is to mix very bright colors in solid colors. This orange and pink cuisine is a perfect example.

Some colorful furniture

Cuisinella Finally, if your kitchen is immaculate white, you can bet on a colorful touch in the furniture without playing the total look in order to keep a pure and design spirit. Choose blue that blends well with white.