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Home at Christmas time

Home at Christmas time

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December 1st is the start of the festivities! Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to decorate your home to be ready on D-Day. To inspire you, we suggest you discover decorating ideas for the whole house.

Accessories everywhere

Alinéa In this dining room, white Christmas is celebrated both on the table and on the furniture with a fir tree and lights. Everything merges into the white decor and design of the room.

A decorated table

Fly To set the tone for your room, remember to always have some decorative items on the dining room table. A light garland will give a festive and warm touch.

Christmas decorations on the furniture

Fly If you have a low buffet, take the opportunity to install some Christmas decorations. Here, we adopt a light cone, deer and a beautiful star.

White christmas

Fly Here, the table becomes the scene of the festivities with decorative elements that respond to the Christmas tree. The feather garland softens the mood.

Green fir in the spotlight

Fly For a contemporary Christmas, why not bet on a color that evokes the holidays by integrating it into the decor of the house? Here, we adopt a fir green sofa but a plaid and a few decorative items will suffice.

A festive decor

Fly To evoke Christmas, you don't have to be in the pure tradition because a festive decor may suffice. We then adopt candles in different colors and even colorful lanterns that we put on the table.

A piece of furniture decorated with candles

Fly For a Christmas atmosphere in this living room, we bet on light. Suddenly, the low cabinet is adorned with many candles that will enchant the decor after dark.

Red in the spotlight

Ikea In your contemporary decor, touches of red Santa Claus are sure to create an atmosphere unique to Christmas. We dispatch keys throughout the house.

Christmas decorations to make yourself

Ikea Finally, to create your decor, do not hesitate to embark on the creation of objects. You can create a mobile with branches and ribbons or simply slide balls into a pot holder.