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Essential dish of winter, the soup is a healthy and balanced dish that does not fail to meet our cravings. It consists of our favorite foods and can be traditional or exotic. In winter, the soup takes on a velvety appearance, it is richer and warms us after a good day. To make your grandmother's soup recipe or give free rein to your imagination, we invite you to discover our selection of small household appliances to cook your soups.

Seb Clipso Plus pressure cooker

Seb This pressure cooker allows you to simmer generous vegetables to make delicious soups. It has the advantage of having a good grip, a good capacity (6 liters) and a foolproof lid to make soups worthy of that of our grandmother. Price: 139.99 euros

The Philips heating blender

Philips This model signed Philips (reference HR2200 / 80) is ideal for mixing all kinds of ingredients and heating them at the same time. It will be a great ally to concoct soups, creamy or with pieces, in no time. And to refine the texture, switch to manual mixing mode.

Fissler's steam cooker

Fissler This Vitavit stainless steel pressure cooker offers two-in-one cooking, perfect for pre-cooking your vegetables before making soups or broths. In addition, it is quite compact and can therefore be easily stored in the kitchen. We love its design and its very practical handle for serving soup. Price: 229.90 euros
Bestron You don't have to be a cordon bleu to know how to use this little device! Very easy to use and compact, it allows you to mix your soups right in the pan to transform them in two steps, three movements. It is the fatal weapon of busy cooks.

Russell Hobbs' Soup & Blend

Russell Hobbs This two-in-one blender will save you precious time in the kitchen, especially if you only have a few unfortunate vegetables left in your fridge. Cut, mix, heat and voila! All you have to do is enjoy a hot soup in front of your Sunday movie.

Moulinex Easy Soup heating blender

Moulinex The three automatic programs of this heated blender allow you to make soups, soups and soups and keep them warm. We love the design cover which is easily removed. The blender is sold with a book of thirty recipes so that you will never be short of inspiration! Price: around 100 euros

The Soup Maker by Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards Whether you are more hot soups in winter or cold soups in summer, this stainless steel appliance is ideal for preparing more or less mixed dishes according to your tastes and that of your children. Its sturdy handle prevents accidents and keeps the machine in place.

HomeTech Electric Soup Maker

Hometech It is a competition soup maker that has not forgotten to be optimized to be stored safely in a small kitchen, unless you prefer to leave it out to enjoy it every day. It is perfect for lovers of simplified devices because it is very easy to use.

Braun's multifunctional hand blender

Braun With many accessories, this hand blender is capable of making different recipes including an endless variety of soups. If you are looking for an economical tool that is not only dedicated to the vegetable patch, this is the gem!


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