Yellow brightens the house!

Yellow brightens the house!

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Since yellow is the color that evokes the sun, it is also the color of warmth and sunny days. Also, to bring spring into its interior, we put on yellow in the decor. The good news is that it fits many styles. Demonstration in pictures.

Yellow for a classic style

Dulux Valentine If you want to bring yellow into your classic decoration, bet on a pastel shade that will simply warm up the whole. This color will easily adapt to natural tones and you can add more lively touches in accessories such as cushions for example.

Yellow for a retro style

Dulux Valentine Yellow also settles in interiors with a retro look. For this, we put on a yellow which slightly draws on the orange and we accessorize the room with strong colors like dark red.

Yellow in a pop decor

Fly If you love bright colors, don't hesitate to mix bright yellow accessories like a carpet with very colorful beanbags red, purple and silver. Vitamin decoration guaranteed!

Yellow in a pastel atmosphere

Little Greene To bring freshness to a room, opt for pastel yellow rather than combining it with other soft colors such as pink or blue. The result is very feminine and refreshing.

Yellow for an urban atmosphere

Purpose If you want to create an urban atmosphere like in New York, yellow is sure to remind famous taxis. Combine this color with black and red for a very decorative mix.

Yellow to enhance a white decor

Fly If your decor is fairly classic and uses white as the main color, don't hesitate to add a touch of color that will enhance the whole room. In a dining room, for example, play with colored chairs.

Yellow for an ethnic atmosphere

Ikea In a decoration with ethnic inspirations, it is the colors and patterns that also count, why not paint a door in yellow to create an original touch? Then choose a multitude of patterned cushions that match this color.

Yellow for vitamin cuisine

Paragraph Finally, to add some vitamins to your kitchen, do not hesitate to paint a few elements in yellow like certain furniture or the splashback.

Yellow for an industrial style

Maisons du Monde In an industrial setting, yellow will recall construction machines and signs. It also goes very well with metal furniture and gray tones.