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A chic baroque decor to recreate at home

A chic baroque decor to recreate at home

Ideal for a cozy decoration that we appreciate in winter, the Baroque style easily finds its place in all rooms of the house. We adopt it here in a living room with a decor to recreate thanks to our decorative shopping.

Dark colors

Dulux Valentine For a baroque chic atmosphere, we put on dark colors not only for furniture where black is the ideal ally but also for walls which can then take on a dark gray or even black for the most daring.

Damask wallpaper

A3P Damascus is this pattern with scrolls and arabesques typical of the Baroque style. We adopt it as wallpaper to awaken a section of wall with its graphic and elegant style at the same time.

A glamorous bench

Maisons du monde In a baroque living room, choosing a classic sofa is out of the question. We prefer a bench with curved lines for a feminine piece of furniture. In terms of materials, velvet and its reflections will be your allies.

A medallion chair

Maisons du monde To furnish the space, add a medallion chair that will meet the sofa and replace a traditional armchair with much more elegance.

A metallic coffee table

Maisons du monde For the coffee table, we play the originality card by focusing on precious materials. Here, we divert a coffee table of oriental inspiration to install it in the baroque living room.

Shiny curtains

La Redoute To respond to the shimmering material of the bench, we put on shiny curtains. You can then opt for silk or taffeta to stage your windows. In terms of colors, we stay in the tones of the walls.

A revamped pendant light

La Redoute For lighting, the pendant light puts on elegance by combining a chandelier with pendants and a shiny black lampshade.

Chic frames on the walls

La Redoute For the decoration of the walls, we put on some very simple and elegant frames that can accommodate drawings or photos.

Vases on the floor

La Redoute Finally, to refine the decor, we put on vases of beautiful sizes that we will choose in a black color to suit the whole room. The decor tip: place them directly on the floor.