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Ripolin presents its new color chart

Ripolin presents its new color chart

Ripolin presents its 2012 color chart which offers a new range of interior paints. Attitude is thus a new multi-support decorative range of 78 shades inspired by the latest decorative trends. This paint has the advantage of being an A + formula with no added solvent and based on ingredients of natural origin. You can discover this range in satin or matte finish.


Ripolin ### To bring a natural and dynamic atmosphere to your interior, bet on an alliance of lemonade, green undergrowth and green plexiglass that you will associate with softer colors like barley and string.


Ripolin ### Play with bright colors so that your interior does not lack cheerfulness! Choose cherry, broom yellow and insolent pink that you will sublimate with darker colors like mouse gray or anthracite to make them stand out.


Ripolin ### For a passionate decoration, we put on colors that do not lack glamor like the very theatrical opera red, glamor pink or very feminine lipstick pink. And to sublimate these shades, choose moon gray or ivory.


Ripolin ### For a feminine interior, you have to turn to powdery and pastel colors like romantic pink, powdery pink, frosted lavender or orchid that can be combined with mocha for a very touch trend.


Ripolin ### If you want a warm interior like family homes, you can bet on chestnut, cappuccino, pearl or on a pottery or iris color. The tones are warm, soft and very friendly.


Ripolin ### For a trendy and very chic atmosphere, we are moving towards timeless colors like concrete gray, black and sepia. These colors have the advantage of adapting to all decorative styles.


Ripolin ### For a natural and soothing atmosphere, choose colors such as cork, burlap or white. You can add anise or turquoise to make it whole.


Ripolin ### For an interior that comes back to basics, we choose mineral shades such as granite gray, pebble and jade. Clean spirit assured.