Table decoration: gift ideas for Christmas

Table decoration: gift ideas for Christmas

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During the holidays, the table will be at the center of all interests with family meals which will contribute to the conviviality of the end-of-year events. Then tableware gifts will be the gifts of choice to please your friends. To help you find the perfect gift, here is our shopping list to discover in pictures.

Coffee service

Lexon For those who are more into coffee, you will also find very nice services such as this model which combines wood and porcelain for a very trendy Scandinavian design spirit. Lexon, 39 euros

An original housewife

Saber What if you opt for a gift that can be used directly on the festive table? With these cutlery, the table takes on a very festive look thanks to glitter encrusted in acrylic. Saber, 3 euros each

A spice mill

Peugeot To spice up meals, you can offer a spice mill. The must in this area? Peugeot models that combine design and performance. They will delight food lovers. Peugeot, 47 euros

Personalized bowls

Pied de Poule Why not bet on a touch of humor with these funny bowl which revisit the Breton bowl by replacing the first names with qualifiers not always flattering. To offer only to your loved ones who will laugh. Pied de Poule, 16.90 euros

Decorative plates

Pied de Poule A plate service will have its effect if you choose an original model like these plates which combine tradition and modernity thanks to their patterns. Pied de Poule, 27 euros each

Original glasses

Venezie Likewise for the glasses: you will opt for original models that will stand out on the table. Why not choose black glass for example? Venezie, 12.65 euros each

A decorative tray

LZC workshop For serving during aperitifs and meals, the tray is essential. We then offer a beautiful model like that of Atelier LZC which will also be a very beautiful decorative object in the kitchen. LZC workshop, 29 euros

A cutting board

Ferm Living And since we talk about objects that are both practical and decorative, also think of cutting boards, very trendy at the moment in the kitchen. We will fall for these wooden models in the shape of a house signed Ferm Living. Ferm Living, from 26.75 euros

Plates of art

Not without reason Finally, if you are looking for an exceptional gift, offer this set of plates which become a work of art once the plates are assembled together. Not without reason, 1200 euros