Lapeyre presents its new products for 2015

Lapeyre presents its new products for 2015

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This morning, the editor's went to discover the 2015 collection from Lapeyre. Smart layouts, intelligent accessories, optimized spaces, modern and contemporary design, the novelties have been thought to combine autonomy, well-being, security and accessibility. Unique and in tune with the times, we have literally fallen under its spell!

A bathroom furniture for all ages

In partnership with the D-School of École des Ponts, Lapeyre signs for 2015 a brand new bathroom furniture bringing a new dimension of comfort and all the functions necessary for life. Through this innovative approach, Lapeyre wishes to make all generations aware of the importance of accessibility. Compact and aesthetic, it includes: an armchair with integrated laundry basket under the seat, a coverable washbasin, a tap with extractable spray, an accessible socket and drawers and a removable and adjustable mirror. We want more! Concept'care € 990 per set

A comfortable seat to make the shower a moment of serenity

A key word in 2015: accessibility! In the bathroom, this goes through comfortable seats like here with this folding seat with feet for a moment of optimal safety or even this metal shower column with grab bar, which allows to keep all your toiletries nearby . Wall shower seat with Solid foot: 175 euros

"Water and light": a decorative effect guaranteed!

Love at first sight for the multicolored and ultra-contemporary Line Prestige shower screen led to Vegas. Glass, it has aluminum profiles in which are integrated LEDs that diffuse light from all sides. Red, blue, green, or yellow, the choice is yours! Line Prestige Prestige wall Vegas: 699 euros.

A well-equipped bathroom at a low price

At, we like to find you objects or furniture at low prices that will simplify your life. So we decided to present the Happy furniture to you. Compact and functional, it easily adapts to all spaces, even the most confined. It consists of a white resin vanity top, a large mirror and an English drawer for optimal storage. Happy furniture 149 euros

A luminous ascent

We like this LED lighting solution for the staircase which secures their use and thus reduces the risk of falling. Built-in, it is equipped with an LED and a motion and heat detector. After 15 seconds without movement, the light goes out. An ideal solution to ensure comfort and security. Kit: 60 euros

Optimized ascent

The industrial style takes up residence in the new Lapeyre collection. We love the elegant and modern aesthetics of this 180 ° spiral staircase combining wood and metal. Compact, it turns out to be the ideal layout for small spaces since it was designed to be installed very easily in recesses. Staircase: 899 euros

A personalized entry

For the new year, Lapeyre has imagined a personalized entry door. Sober and refined, it is distinguished by its grooved aesthetic. His pluses? Its high thermal and sound insulation to protect against external noise pollution. Kensas entrance door: from 1699 euros

The tiles make their show

Lapeyre is surfing on the nature trend with Drakar floor and wall tiles which evoke a very realistic wood effect. Enhanced with a “leaf” decor to bring a “cabin” style to the bathroom, it charms us with its very authentic style. The range is also expanding with the Diapason floor and wall tiles, which are adorned with the many traditional patterns of revisited cement tiles and plain colors. Scale of motif: 12.50 euros per m² Drakar Decor Leaves: 5.80 euros per piece

A solar shutter

To finish our visit, we came across this roller shutter, solar option, as design as ecological. Easy to install, this solar collector incorporates a battery with an average lifespan of 10 years. With a discreet design, it is an energy solution to the operation of roller shutters. Tailor-made: price on request.


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