The color of the floor in the children's room

The color of the floor in the children's room

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All colors rub off on the mood of the decor, including that of the floor! Watch how she sets the tone in the toddler room:

Red fire

Fly ### In a child's bedroom that wants to be invigorating, we dare to use a bright red floor covering! The rendering has pep!

Black character

Maisons du Monde ### Black decorates toddlers' rooms with subtlety and elegance to give it guts, bring out the colors and assert its originality! We love !

Purple flooring

Serendipity ### How not to succumb to this adorable playground ideally dressed in soft purple soil? A beautiful call to reverie!

Good looking orange

Ikea ### Orange painted parquet planks, we vote for it! Because after all, this choice is ideal for waking up a rather wise children's room. It's the playful and whimsical note of the piece.

Grass green

Ikea ### Ditto for this room: here the parquet floor has also been repainted, with the difference that it is the green color which prevailed! Unlimited nature atmosphere. Ideal for little ones to feel inside as if they were outside!

Bright white

Paragraph ### Because we tend to want to paint the walls with the favorite color of our cherubim, betting on white on the ground will keep a bright room…

Warm brown

Paragraph ### To emphasize the warm mood in the little boys' room, we bet on a coffee color on the floor! Gentleness in the masculine.

Soft gray

La Redoute ### Opting for gray on the floor means opting for a soft atmosphere in the bedroom of the little princesses. In addition, it goes perfectly with the pink and purple hues.

Sky blue

Goal ### Here, we have chosen to play on the continuity between the walls and the floor to create a feeling of space and freshness. The secret of this delicate recipe? A sky blue / ice blue shade!