Pink accents throughout the house

Pink accents throughout the house

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In the house, pink gives you morale! It is not for nothing that we use the expression "see life in pink" to evoke the feeling of happiness. Also, bringing pink into the rooms of the house will bring a feminine and very cheerful touch to your interior. It's up to you to choose between powder pink for a romantic style or bright pink for a pop atmosphere.

Pink and orange for a pop mix

Fly ### To bring a pop spirit to your dining room, know that you will be able to use bright pink in your accessories. Indeed, associated with orange, pink brings a very dynamic touch to the decor.

Pink baroque version

Fly ### Pink is also a color that can be used in place of red to give a more feminine and modern touch to the Baroque style. You can then choose pink chairs around a black table for example.

Pink to soften the bathroom

Lapeyre ### In the bathroom, it's not just white! And pink will not fail to bring a touch of sweetness, ideal in this room. Bet on pink furniture or tiles in this color.

Pink and white

Fly ### To brighten up a white room, do not hesitate to bet on pink which will bring joie de vivre. You can paint a wall and play with accessories like shelves or stickers.

Pink for a colorful atmosphere

Fly ### To create a colorful atmosphere in your living room, you can opt for a deep pink which will go very well with the orange color but also with more neutral colors such as white, black and beige. Pink will give tone to the whole.

Pink for a feminine bathroom

Sanijura ### Pink can give a very feminine touch to your bathroom. Also, if you choose some powder pink furniture, your bathroom will turn into a soft setting.

Pink with accessories

Aviva ### If you just want a touch of pink without overdoing it, choose a single accessory in this color. Here the pink marshmallow refrigerator becomes the star of the kitchen.

Pink for feminine cuisine

Aviva ### It is often said that the kitchen is a woman's room and with this furniture entirely powder pink, this is undoubtedly the case. The cooking is then very sweet and pink goes very well with gray and wood.

Pink to highlight a detail

Dulux Valentine ### If you want to highlight a detail of your room, know that pink will sublimate it without visually cluttering the space as here with the wall painted in very pale pink.


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