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An outdoor kitchen to enjoy the summer

An outdoor kitchen to enjoy the summer

To enjoy the sun, we set up a kitchen outside! You can thus prepare your meals outside and have your lunches in the garden, avoiding going back and forth in the kitchen. Here are some outdoor kitchens to inspire you.

An outdoor kitchen

Imagine Outlet If you have an awning or a covered terrace, you can arrange a kitchen that will be protected from the weather. The kitchen will then resemble that of your home, and allow you to enjoy the outside air. And don't panic during a thunderstorm, you will be protected!

Enjoy the view

Primagaz If your terrace has a breathtaking view of the sea or any other breathtaking landscape, you might as well enjoy the view! To do this, install a full kitchen facing the view to cook while enjoying the outdoors. There are many small pieces of furniture that will allow you to have enough space to make it pleasant.

An auxiliary kitchen

Ikea If you do not want to invest in an outdoor kitchen per se, you can always arrange an extra kitchen. You will be able to place electric hotplates, a few plates, a small work surface ... You will be able to peel your vegetables while enjoying the outdoors and make summer salads.

A cabin for cooking

Ikea If you have a large garden, you can arrange your kitchen in a space separate from the house such as a cabin. Your kitchen will be protected from the weather and you can have lunch in the garden. The advantage of an enclosed outdoor kitchen is that it is a real extra room.