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We put on blue throughout the house!

We put on blue throughout the house!

Blue continues to be trendy in our interiors! For a calm, soothing and refreshing atmosphere, it is the ideal color. The good news ? There are a multitude of shades of blue to suit all styles and install it in any room of the house.

Deep blue in the accessories

Ikea ### To create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, bet on blue accessories. You can opt for a carpet, cushions, a plaid and curtains to create a harmony of color.

Blue for a classic style

Dulux Valentine ### Note that blue adapts rather well to a classic style. You can for example paint a wall with moldings. This will modernize the room without losing its soul.

Intense blue for the bedroom

Dulux Valentine ### In the bedroom, blue would make sleep easier. We then choose to paint a wall and we also put on deep blue bed linen in order to get lost in the arms of Morpheus.

Blue for a modern atmosphere

Fly ### The blue in the bedroom can really give a very modern style. We then choose a very dynamic blue which we associate with white to create a contrast.

Night blue for the kitchen

Aviva ### To change red and neutral colors in the kitchen, opt for blue! You can then choose a very dark blue to give a very designer style to your furniture.

Soothing blue for the little ones

V33 ### For the little ones to have a good night's sleep, we opt for a very clear and soft blue. Then choose a bed linen the same color as the wall so that they form a whole.

Blue in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin ### To create a seaside atmosphere in the bathroom, nothing like blue! For this, we put on a slightly gray shade to evoke the color of the water and we combine everything with aged wood.

Blue for a designer bathroom

Azur Lign ### Blue can also be installed in a designer bathroom. We then put on a petrol blue for the furniture in a white environment.

Playful blue for children

Ikea ### To create a playful atmosphere in the children's room, we choose blue furniture that we mix with yellow and red accessories.