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Textile warms the whole house

Textile warms the whole house

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Do you want a warm atmosphere? It is on textiles that we must count because in the house, it is a real ally to warm up the decor. To help you create your cocoon house, we give you some ideas for using the fabric in a very decorative way. All to discover in pictures.

Curtains for a little privacy

Ikea With a few curtains you can also create a room in a room to offer you a cocoon of privacy which will be ideal for a relaxation area or a reading corner. Particular care is taken in the style of the curtains.

A fabric to cover the ceiling

Ikea To create a real cocoon in the bedroom, you can use the fabric to create a canopy that will dress the ceiling. We then use two rods placed above the bed and we stretch a fabric between the two for a warm style.

A canopy bed revisited

Ikea To dress the bed, you can revisit the four-poster bed by installing curtains all around the bed. Then prefer light curtains that will let in light while dressing the room.

Carpets on the floor

Ikea Textiles also dress the floor with carpets. Besides, for a warm feeling, you can either opt for a large soft carpet or multiply the small carpets to create a personalized path.

The fabric on the wall

Ikea Why not put fabric on the wall? We can use textiles as a canvas to enliven the walls. You can even create your own creations using pieces of fabric.

A fabric headboard

Fly If you do not want to directly cover the wall with fabric, consider accessories such as the headboard that will allow you to install fabric on the wall in a more natural way.

Curtains for storage

Ikea The curtains but also the Japanese panels can allow you to close a storage space in a warmer way than with a simple closet door. A real tip!

Fabric accessories

Paragraph To dress the house, think of all the decorative textiles. Cushions, throws and more will be installed on a sofa or armchair to give it an ultra warm note in the blink of an eye.

Small fabric furniture

Fly Finally, to refine your decor, bet on small fabric furniture. We think for example of poufs in mesh or felt which will give a warm and very decorative atmosphere to any room.


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