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10 DIY lamps!

10 DIY lamps!

Lighting is the whole atmosphere, the softness, the cheerfulness of a decoration. No wonder it inspires DIY enthusiasts and lovers of homemade food. From the jar diverted as a loupiote to the chandelier made from a bicycle wheel, we have selected for you the best DIY lamp on the web!

DIY chandelier

Dizzy Maiden's A poetic chandelier made of a hoop and garlands. Source: Dizzy Maiden's

DIY lamp

For my pretty kids A pop lamp in neon wool for a touch of designer color. Source: For my pretty kids

Diy candlestick kitchen jars

The Great Indoor A romantic candlestick for the garden, made of wood and Mason Jar (cooking jars). Source: The Great Indoor

Diy goblet lamp

Turkey Pêle-Mêle A lamp made with plastic cups (yes, yes!). Source: The Turkey Half-Stick
A merry mishap blog An intertwined rope and garland. Small effort, maximum effect! Source: A merry mishap blog

Cotton wool ball design lamp

Tangerinette An aerial suspension made from a fitness ball and wool. Source: Tangerinette

Lamp diy wood

Angel head A very soft Scandinavian inspired wooden lamp. Source: Angel's head
Pinterest A bicycle wheel transformed into a chandelier thanks to bulbs positioned all around the contour! Source: Pinterest
Brit + co A wall lamp consisting of a square and a simple plastic bottle dipped in concrete. Source: Brit + co