Murphy beds, stars of small spaces

Murphy beds, stars of small spaces

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They save space for small spaces! Thanks to the retractable beds you no longer sacrifice your decoration for practicality. Discreet, they hide in closets and transform in no time. Presentation in pictures of different very functional Murphy beds.

When the bed becomes a sofa

Espace Loggia If you sleep in your living room or live in a studio, here is the solution to save space. Opt for a Murphy bed that can be raised and lowered very easily to make room for a sofa that will act as a relaxation area during the day.

A trompe l'oeil closet

The Layout Kiosk When this Murphy bed is folded down, it looks like you are facing a storage cupboard. And yet, the latter does indeed contain an extra bed if you invite guests to spend the weekend at your home for example. We love the slim and stylish feet.

Have a Zen bed

BedUp / DECADRAGES This Zen retractable bed has an irresistible Japanese style that immediately invites you to travel and relax. It's up to you to raise it as you see fit and to camouflage it during the day to have more room in your room.

Twin beds like no other

Clei If you have young children or twins, opt for this ingenious structure with several storage spaces and two small fold-away beds. More secure and optimized than a mezzanine, this type of bed is perfect for children.

Rethinking the guest bedroom

Art and Volume You do not have a guest room in your apartment but you still want to be able to accommodate a member of your family? Opt for a discreet fold-away bed like this model hidden in a thin storage cupboard, which will go very well in the living room.

Sleeping in a mixed children's room

Secret de Chambre These foldaway beds find their place perfectly in a mixed children's room. In fact, they not only save space in the room for a play corner for example, but also have two very distinct spaces for each child.

A small extra bed

Clei In this large, very refined piece of furniture, there is a mattress that you can use in case of an improvised visit from the in-laws! Practical and colorful, it can accommodate an additional person without problems, even at the last moment.

The ideal studio bed

ABC-Meuble It is the perfect piece of furniture in a studio which does not include a bedroom separate from the living room. During the day, you have a real living room with a TV corner and once the sun is down, your living room turns into a bed very easily. Even the duvet is camouflaged inside the structure!

Scandinavian bed

Dressing Concept In the purest Scandinavian style, this wooden furniture has a Murphy bed and several open cupboards in which you can store books and trinkets. The result ? Nordic and optimized furniture in any room of the house.

Play on colors

Espace Loggia If you have chosen a colored Murphy bed, prefer light bed linen. On the contrary, if your furniture is immaculate, prefer touches of color here and there in the room, on a bed set, cushions or even an annex bedside table.

The compromise of small spaces

Decorative Evidence In a small space, bet on a minimalist Murphy bed, which folds out and folds easily in a thin wooden furniture. You will then be able to circulate better in the room and save space when you are not sleeping.

An original sofa bed

Meubles Thibaud Who said that Murphy beds should not include sofas? The proof, this model allows you to have both very simply in order to go from aperitif with friends to bedtime in the blink of an eye.

Install a partition in an open room

Clei Here, the Murphy bed acts as a separation between two spaces in the living room. It is both clever and design without partitioning the living room. To make the sleeping area even more distinctive, install a carpet and lamps with soft lighting.

A bed above a child's desk

Espace Loggia In the children's room, it is not always easy to find a site dedicated to the different activities of the little ones. To optimize space, a Murphy bed above a desk is ideal, especially if several children are sleeping in the same room.

Harmonize your furniture

Optimal Here, the cupboards, the TV unit and the sleeping area were made in the same materials and the same tones for a visual harmony throughout the living room. This makes it possible to no longer distinguish the spaces and to lighten the space.

Add color to the living room

Art and Volume In a monochrome or colorful living room, consider opting for a Murphy bed that is out of the ordinary. The goal is not to hide your furniture but that it highlights the pop and original decor of your interior.

A well-appointed teenage bedroom

So Nuit This teenage bedroom is perfectly arranged so that everything is put in its place, thanks in particular to the fold-away bed which folds against the wall. The little extra? The space under the bed to install books, a reading light or even a comforter.

The two in one closet

Clei Whether in an adult bedroom, a child's bedroom or even a living room, this two-in-one piece of furniture will inevitably find its place in a small space. And for good reason, it serves both as a dressing room and as a bed. We love doors without handles.

A children's desk like no other

Lagrama This desk is special: it contains a Murphy bed to allow your child to work on one side of the furniture and fall into Morphée's arms on the other. We fall for the turquoise blue color, timeless and very trendy.

The thin Murphy bed and master key

Bimodal This contemporary wardrobe will allow you to store your dishes as well as to accommodate your friends. This light-colored piece of furniture will adapt to all decorations and will be very discreet, even placed in the middle of a living room, thanks to its shallow depth.

A well-colored fold-away bed

Bimodal This Murphy bed offers a bed at night and a real desk by day! Thanks to its small height you will not have the impression of confinement that you can have with large furniture in small spaces. Its bright colors will make you work in a good mood.

Against a wall

Estrimont Suites & Spa The fold-away beds are also hidden in the walls. Unfolded, at night, it will serve as a bed and closed, during the day, you will not see it and you will be able to install your dining table against this magic wall.

Wardrobe beds to receive

Bimodal Hidden in a large lacquered wardrobe, this very designer bed will allow you to welcome your guests around a pretty table, once reassembled. With shelves on both sides, you can store all your belongings there.

Large families

Normandin Hotels Install a real double bed and a Murphy bed for guests! This room, similar to a dormitory, will be very convivial to welcome your children, or your friends.

For kids

Inside 75 If your child has a small bedroom, this bed is for you! It folds and unfolds as you wish to sleep or have a play area. Discreet, this wardrobe bed also hides in a closet that you can paint in an original color.

Very decorative Murphy beds

Bimodal The Murphy beds are very aesthetic and find their place perfectly in your interior. They can complete a decoration by bringing good humor with their pretty colors!

The Murphy bed for students

Bimodal Ideal for students and their small studio, this Murphy bed is very efficient and can be installed in your living room.

The sofa bed wardrobe

Furniture Gallery This retractable bed offers you the possibility of cleverly combining a real sofa with armrests for the day and a bed for your nights. All in one movement!

For young girls

Bimodal For evenings with friends, this fold-away bunk bed transforms with a folding ladder and a protective bar. Convenient !


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