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Ideas for optimizing kitchen storage

Ideas for optimizing kitchen storage

So that the kitchen is easy to live in, whether it is small or spacious, it is necessary to organize the storage! So a few tips can really help you tidy up this room better. Discover in pictures 10 ideas that will allow you to optimize the kitchen.

Magnetic bars

Ikea Still to use the kitchen walls, you can use magnetic bars which allow you to fix the knives or some fairly light utensils which will be useful near the worktop.

Storage shelves

Ikea And if you want to use your walls to store crockery and other bulky kitchen accessories, also know that you can fix shelves that will serve as storage furniture.

A sliding wardrobe

Aviva To use the entire height of your kitchen, from its design, plan sliding cabinets that will allow you to maximize storage without having difficulty accessing products.

Compartmentalized drawers

Arthur Bonnet So that your drawers can accommodate all your utensils, they must be tidy. Thanks to a compartmentalized drawer, you can organize your utensils to optimize storage.

High drawers

Castorama When the drawers are too narrow, they do not allow the stoves and pans to be stored so we opt for higher models which will accommodate your cookware and utensils such as shakers and graters.

Corner cupboards

Castorama To optimize the space even in the corners, you will find rotary systems which make it possible to make the products located at the bottom of the corner cupboards accessible so that you can store more while retaining a certain level of comfort.

Garbage cans under the sink

Castorama Thanks to cupboards fitted with a sliding rail, you will be able to store your trash cans under the sink while keeping them accessible to throw your trash as simply as possible. You can even drag two bins for selective sorting.

Sliding cupboards for food

Castorama For food, it's the same, no need to take everything out to collect the box at the bottom of the cupboard because the storage shelves can slide towards you. Everything remains accessible.

Retractable sockets

Castorama In order not to lose space on the worktop, we eliminate the troublesome accessories such as electrical sockets and other extension cords. For this, we select sockets that retract in the work plan, leaving a maximum of space.

Glass jars

Ikea To find your way easily in the kitchen while adding a decorative touch, store your cereals, pasta, flour and sugar in pretty glass jars. Install everything on practical shelves!

A trolley on wheels

Ikea To optimize storage in the kitchen, nothing is more ideal than a trolley on wheels that can be moved as we wish or need.

To store the glasses

Leroy Merlin To save space in your cupboards, adopt without delay this system which is fixed below the wall units and which invites you to store all your stemware.

A small alcove

Ikea To create open storage in your kitchen, do not install a door on one of your cupboards. We store our cookbooks as in a small library.

Cork trivets

Ikea Recycle your old cork trivet in the kitchen to hang your utensils or your favorite recipes! You just stick them and plant one or two nails. Original, right?

Open storage columns

Schmidt To have access to everything you need without having to open all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, opt for the open columns. With their multiple compartments, dishes and small appliances find a place of choice.

Separation bars

Ikea In a large drawer, the important thing is to optimize every inch! With these divider bars, you can organize plates on one side, bowls and cups on the other.

Plates in drawers

Leroy Merlin If we prefer more the storage of pots or pans in drawers, know that you can also store your plates without them slipping thanks to a judicious system for stacking them.

A wall cabinet

Leroy Merlin To save space in the cupboards, choose to store plates, bowls and cups in a super practical and easy to access wall cabinet.

To slide the plates

Leroy Merlin To avoid the shelves every two centimeters in your cupboards, opt for this practical storage for plates which slides easily. No need to stack them on top of each other without finding your way around!